FAQs of Life

Well, FAQs of our life. Here's just a few little bitty tidbits that should help you understand us better. Really, I'm not that optimistic that understand is the right word. Maybe "gain insight" or "something extra for you to read at work". Those might do better. Believe it or not, I get a reasonable amount of questions about our life. I know. I'm shocked too. Here are the most asked and some semblance of an answer.

How'd you two crazy kids meet?

Chuck and I met the first night of college in 2001 and have spent our entire adult lives together. It's been a ride growing up with someone else. We got married a few weeks after college graduation -- too young but it worked for us. I wrote about our relationship once. I titled it "A Cautionary Tale of Rebound Relationships".That's about it.

Why did you start a blog in 2009? You just now had a baby.

Couple of reasons. I habitually stalked a few blogs for a few months and found it all fascinating. Except, most people I know have babies and blogs. I broke all the rules by starting this blog before having a baby. Maybe that's what cursed our baby making. Meh.

And, also, I dropped out of journalism school to become a teacher and I missed writing. I'm not creative or artsy, but I still needed an outlet so the option was dress in all black and to head to poetry readings or start a blog. I took a chance.

What's the deal Baby 2053?

Before Baby Sam, there are a lot of references to Baby 2053. Well, when you've been married a few years and you hit mid-twenties, people start with the questions. I'm not a fan of the questions. Neither is Chuck. And things weren't going well for us in that department so we made up baby 2053 as a nice way of saying "stop asking" - we will be "waiting" until 2053. It worked, for the most part. And we were able to keep our privacy while struggling to conceive.

But now you have a baby?

We do - Sam was born in May 2013. He's the definition of miracle baby. We tried for three years and did five rounds of IVF and now we have Sam. Until we got pregnant, we pretty much lied to everyone about what was going on because we are surprisingly private even though we have a blog. Sue us. We didn't want to talk about it all the time. so we stayed hush hush. But we finally did share what had happened and now I'm happy to share our experience and what we went through. You can read our "coming clean" post here: some light (heavy) reading. And the happy ending here - when we had Sam.

So you don't mind talking about infertility now?
I don't mind anymore. It's therapeutic for me to talk about it now (I wrote another post about it here), and my hope is that we can be support for others going through similar struggles. I knew three people who had gone through infertility struggles and I clung to them because they knew. They knew exactly what I was feeling. I would love to be that person for others as a way to pay it forward. Email me. I'm here.
But now you aren't so infertile are you?
Well, kind of? Our medical miracle, accidental, and free baby Kate will be joining us in January 2015. We have no idea how she came to be - you know what I mean - but we will take her! Announcing that pregnancy was one of the most fun posts to write.
What's with the Ship's Wheel and the nautical jokes?

We have a ship's wheel mounted in our living room. Yup. It's suuuuuper classy. Chuck put it up despite my intense protesting and now it's become a "thing" and people expect to see it when they come over and I'm the bad guy if I take it down. It's the bain of my life.

And that should help you understand the constant inside joke references. Sorry 'bout those. We weren't trying to leave you out.
How do you pronounce your mom's name?

I never thought my mom's name would be a pronunciation difficulty, but I get this a lot. Fe is my Mom. She has a real name too, but we like Fe. And it's Fe, with a long Ee sound. Fe rhymes with "be". Get it now? Better?

What do you "do"?

Chuck was an airline pilot, and then the recession came and the layoffs came with it. We weren't upset. Chuck wasn't loving the gone 5 days, home 2 kind of lifestyle. We're independent people, but even we have a limit. I wrote about the airline lifestyle here and how we hated it. Now he works at a real job in flight standards, which keeps him in the airplane business. He's a big fan of coming home each night.

I was a teacher and I loved my job. I will always feel like a teacher. Then I had Sam and made a Susie-shaped hole in my classroom door as I ran for the stay-at-home hills. I love it. I was meant for this.

What's the deal with Jack?

Jack is our angel cat. When you don't have kids, you turn into a certain kind of people. We became cat people. We did not set out to be cat people. This happened on accident. We're a little mortified at being those people.

But we are what we are. We've had Jack for 7 glorious years. I still get lost in his green eyes and tuna breath. We've taught him to fetch and walk on a leash. We've built him an 8 foot scratching post. We paid $1,700 for emergency surgery when he swallowed a toy. It was one of my first posts here. We are those people. We are cat people.

Ugh, I guess I should say - were those people. We lost our baby cat suddenly in the summer of 2014. It was awful and we are still not over it. Obviously I wrote him a eulogy/obit.
Who's Lucy?

Lucy is my favorite niece. She's also my only niece. She belongs to my sister Shelley. Lucy is a big part of our life even though she lives in California. She was our first "baby". She now has a little brother named Ben.

What kind of camera do you have?

My cameras are my life, which is a little sad. My first is a Pentax K200D. I shoot with either a standard 3.5-5.6f 18-55mm lens or a fixed 1.4f 50mm. I also have a really annoying mounted flash. Oh, I am obnoxious. I also have a Nikon D5000 and a D7000. I shoot with a standard 3.5-5.6f 18-55mm lens, a fixed 1.8f 30mm, or a telephoto 4-5.6f 200mm lens. The camera thing is getting out of control.

The real hero is Photoshop. It was Photoshop Elementary,because that thing is about $75 bucks and I'm a miser. I'm stin in love with Elements, but I got a teacher discount on real CS4 Photoshop (for $120 bucks) so I had to take it. I feel a little like it's cheating on Elements, but I had to do it.

Need even more Us in your life?
I'm so sorry...but here you go. Follow us all over the place.



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