About Us

We were a twenty-something married couple when we started this thing, but now we're early thirties and yikes. This is us:

Aren't we adorable? This picture may have been taken six years ago but we haven't aged much. I'll probably keep this as our go to pic until at least 40.

Ugh. You know what. It isn't just us anymore. I should probably post a pic of us three. Ok, here's our Christmas card pic.

I'm Susie -- I write this thang and do the narrative. It's nice being the voice over. In my head, it's a lovely voice. In real life, it's nasally with a twang (which somehow developed despite a strong Washington upbringing). My husband Chuck is a willing participant and typical instigator to anything and everything that happens on the blog. It's us and our baby - and good luck to him...

We had a baby in May 2013 - Sam! - after four years of trying and lots of fertility treatments. It was so much fun. Not really, but at least we have Sam. And because of Sam, we are about to have Baby Kate in January 2015. Sam hit the ultimate reset button - we weren't aware of this - and surprise! We will have two under two to begin 2015.

We have this blog because I decided to start chronicling our lives back in 2009.  I like to take a Seinfeld approach to this and write about nothing. Nothing but our lives and the things we do that we find normal and completely within reason. Some people find us funny. Others say we're mildly interesting. Most people agree that we should be studied, at the very least.

Every blog has its critical moments. Key blips in time that pinpoint the theme of the blog. I'm not sure we have this. I don't think there's a theme. But there are posts that help explain us.

So, study us. Take notes.
Someday, there will be a test.
Or not. But be prepared.

Our Powers Combined

I like to think we lead an interesting life. But only because we've chosen to make it that way.
7 questionable life choices:
Ok, so about that Christmas card picture.
An open letter to General Mills.
Total communication and Susie melt down.
Chuck grew a garden! (so much sarcasm)
Chuck swaddled me in a sheet.

Just Chuck.
Getting to know Chuck isn't hard to do.
Wrapping your head around why he does the things he does, well, best wishes.

Top 5 Chuck moments. Him at his best.
It's Official (The Ship's Wheel Begins)
It answers the "when will I ever use this?" questions.
My husband and toddlers: both entertained by empty boxes.

A Little Susie.
I've been told I'm occasionally funny when I write.
I don't see it. I just write the way I speak, and you can take it or leave it.
5 me-moments. A legend in my own mind.
And I thought Disneyland was the happiest place.
The Contract

Some about Sam

Poor Sam doesn't have the best parents on the block. We always said we wanted to be parents; we didn't say we'd be good parents.

5 great moments in parenting
That only took 2 1/2 weeks
The seven stages of grief/Sam waking up
Is it tomorrow yet?
#1 Mom sounds about right
How I got peed on today

BTdub, love that you're here.
Love that you stopped by.
Can't wait to see you again.
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