my final blog post.

Dear Family and Friends,

I've stewed and stewed over this blog post for almost two months now. It's time to rip off the band aid and just say it.

I'm shutting down the blog.

 I can't totally explain my reasoning except to say that my reasons have changed.

Oooh, I feel real good about that sentence. Just go with me: this blog spent the better part of its life chronically Chuck and me and our shenanigans: trips to Estate Sales, vacations locked in bathrooms, and our day to day life as twenty somethings. Thank god for this blog or I would be so void of memories from those years. I will always remember what happened in June 2011 because I have a dozen entries from my life telling me what was going on. It's like having an adult yearbook.

But then things changed and we added tiny humans to the world. Tiny humans who don't have a say about who can google their names and find out copious amounts of information on them. Tiny humans who suck every last ounce of time I have - and thank heavens for that. Thank god that I'm too busy. Thank god I have them to pour my time into.

The blog isn't going anywhere. It'll still be here - I'm not taking it down down. I'm just not going to be updating it anymore. Someday...sure. Maybe someday. Maybe I'll check in every now and then to let you know we are fine, the ship's wheel is great, and Chuck is still hoping his wild flower garden will take off.  

So here's one last final update from the Allison Wonderland:

Life is a wonderland. It turned out wonderful. We got more than we deserved and more than we hoped and we are trying to take care of what we've been given.

The days are short but also insanely long - like the days when someone figures out how to pee in a heat vent. The time seems to fly by. Sam is 2. Kate is almost 6 months old. And I'm crying typing this because I can't believe we are over. You and Me we.

Whoever you were that read this you meant the world to me. You saved me in my darkest hours. You cheered for me in my brightest. You watched me grow up from mid twenties to early thirties, and it's been a fun ride that took seconds.

When I started this blog, I never dreamed of the people I'd meet, the people I'd reconnect with, or how important this site would be for my very close friends and family, but it was.

I'm so heartbroken to not be able to continue this blog but hopeful for maybe a future (more anonymous) blog, and real life friendships, and the time I get to spend with my sweet babies.

Thank you for the memories. Every time you opened this link, you joined my life more and more, and I will miss that immensely.

I'm still on Facebook. I'm still on Instagram. You still have my email. I hope you'll keep in touch.

With all the gratitude in my heart,
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