photo dump friday AND how I caught Sam's puke.

Oh hello Friday, you gorgeous calendar day.

Tell me, folks, what is the rule on day drinking during nap time? Full disclosure. I am alone. It is almost happy hour. It is Friday (oops I already said that so humor me). Weigh in on this one.

I'm just asking because it has be a heckuva week around here and I would like to celebrate making it to Friday afternoon AKA that time in the week where the better parent comes home and takes care of all child needs for two straight days. It's a weekly holiday.

We are going on Day 6 of Sick Toddler Prison around here and so far, Sam is the only one with the plague. He's a sad little friend right now but he's making the best of it. He definitely has a flair for the dramatics (he get it from his Momma) so I appreciate all his sick day behaviors.

We did manage to make a few trips out this week to help with sanity but also to force a morning nap on sick Sam, who is no match for the car at 10 am. Fun story about one of our trips out: I ended up carrying Sam's vomit around Fred Meyer in my hands.


Ok. So his medicine of choice right now is hot chocolate. Were you expecting Tylenol? Please. He's more likely to eat a vegetable than take Tylenol. We bundled up for a trip down to Fred Meyer mostly to force him into a morning nap but also to get his Hot Chocolate. He will be on a 12-step "Hot'da" program next week, fo sho.

We got in to Fred's and made it to the Hot'Da stand, also known as Starbucks to anyone other than Sam. With his drug in hand, we wandered the store because WHAT ELSE DID WE HAVE TO DO? This was day 5 of Toddler Prison and we needed a fresh set of walls.

The bakery department still gives out free cookies to kids (did you know this? I didn't until Chuck's Mom told's been a helpful bribe to know about). We passed the bakery department and Sam about throws himself out of the cart for a cookie. It was our lucky day and they actually had donuts for the kids. Boom.

Sam has eaten about 7 bites of food total this week so I was pretty jazzed that he wanted the donut. I would not be too jazzed in about 3 minutes.

We somehow ended up in the middle of the store when my greatest nightmare was realized. Ryan Reynolds was there to make me his wife but I was still married to Chuck. Nope, other nightmare: Sam starts puking.

With Katie in her front pack, I dove hands open to catch the donut, hot chocolate, apple juice, and I think strawberries from breakfast. Win, because nothing hit the floor. No one was going to have to clean my kids vomit out of the cereal aisle.

Lose. What do I do now?

I have a sick toddler saying "Puke. Done. Home." And a sleeping angel baby tethered to my chest. Oh and a cart. I started making my way back toward the bakery. I don't know why, but I did. I figured if I passed some angelic grandmother figure as I was walking I would beg for help. Those ladies are everywhere all the time EXCEPT when you have puke in your hands and you're steering a shopping cart with your forearms.

We got to the bakery area and I spotted the soda machine at the deli. I dumped the puke in the garbage and used the water to clean us up.

"Done. Puke. Home."
Excellent idea Sam since we both smell awful and we are officially "that family".

And that is my case for day drinking on a Friday during nap time. Too bad I won't because I really wish I could/would. It's been a week.

Happy Friday.

Sam's Easter outfit.

And an Easter nap in our bed. At noon. While watching TV. Even as a baby he never just fell asleep, I can't believe he did this. Sign one that he was sicker than normal. 

This has nothing to do with our week but this pic of Sunshine Boy is perfection. Chuck's Dad sent it up from our trip to their house a few weeks ago. Pure happiness.

Following his Easter nap was this random nap on Monday. So that's two random naps in his life. Kid is siiiiiick.

I don't know what that Easter book did to him but it was a major uh oh and is now in triage.

Sick selfies.

It's gotten pretty boring around here so we've taken to other forms of entertainment, like baby head in the giant mouth.

We are babysitting Fe's cat Newman for a while during her house remodel. It's gonna be a long Spring for Newmie.

I thought I heard a ruckus in Kate's room so on a hunch, I turned on the monitor. It's like he knew he'd been caught.

Because the five minute drive to Target is just too far.

Our Target run was for paint and apparently, a forehead sticker. We had a dandy, messy time followed by a much needed popsicle bath.

Sam plays in his room for about 20 minutes post nap and I love it. It's all fun and games until he tips his chair over, gets trapped, and I lose my break time. That's really what matters, right? Me and my feelings.

Pretend puking in the toilet. He learned A LOT from morning sickness.

Just so you know I have another kid and she was here this week.

About ten minutes before the puke in hand event.....What's that saying? A puke in the hand is worth two in the bush and a mother-of-the-year award?

Modeling her first nan-made object. I think Aunt Nan should probably hire this model and/or make some sort of baby hand bag line. This is a tad large for her.

Have you ever felt more judged in your life? Judge Judy over here can be so critical.

She is especially judgy of Sam's new "sleep with the lights on" policy. Fine by me as long as he sleeps.

Throwing in the towel and curling up in Sister's vibrating chair.

Only Sam would get claustrophobic in a blanket fort and need an emergency removal.

And that's our week.
Let's hope for a more adventurous weekend but not so adventurous that anyone pukes in a grocery store.

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  1. Loving this post (as usual)! I can't believe the number of times I've caught yucky bodily fluids in my hands since having a gross! Makes me feel like a real mom! Sorry to hear Sam is feeling sick but you are tackling it like a champ! The Easter book debacle cracked me up--Luke has taken to ripping the flaps out of a book he got for his birthday. 4-5 flaps ripped out so far...but he loves the book so it's a win, right?? Keep up the great work, momma!!


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