oh baby girl, three months old.

We had such a good baby with Sam and we knew we were lucky. We did not take happy baby Sam for granted. BUT we also knew that we had paid a boat load of money to get that good baby so it made sense. You get what you pay for and we got a Cadillac first born.

And then I got pregnant with Kate. My free pregnancy was not an easy 39 weeks. It was a rough go. But, again, you get what you pay for and I paid for free so I got an interesting run. This is how it works right?

Ok so settle in for Baby Kate cuz she gonna be a doozy.

OR she is so low key, mellow, and laid back that she makes Sam look like a Pinto.

Sweet Baby Kate, we don't quite know what to make of you. You started sleeping through the night at four weeks old and a bad night for you is one wake up. But usually, you like your 11 hours and you like them consecutive, uninterrupted. We did nothing different between you and Sam, you are just a sleeper. God bless you.

Once you got over your PM fussiness/"I hate 8-10pm", you settled into life like a walk in the park. You either sleep in the car or stare peacefully out the window. You like going on errands. You like our adventures. You just sort of go with the flow that we've got going on around here.

You could live every minute of the day in some sort of baby wearing device and good thing I have a few laying around here and even more on the way. You also could live every minute of every day with fabric in your mouth to chew on.

That reminds me.

Please start taking a bottle. I know, I know, beggars are not choosers. You do everything else pretty darn right so I guess I'll stay chained to you until the time comes if this is your major quirk. It's not my favorite quirk, but you're my favorite quirk so I'll take it.

We sure do love you, Miss Katie Lin.

(also, Chuck and Sam's eyes...are you kidding me?)

Katie's first hike. Also Susie's first hike. Kidding. Felt that way. This foursome hiked down to Snoqualmie Falls for PK's birthday. Kate stared at the trees on the way down and fell asleep just before the falls. Classic Kate.

I don't know which she loves more, Daddy or her hands.

She kind of has a thing for me so this is a pretty typical face when someone else holds her without her express written consent. Judgy wudgy was a bear.

It's not that she needs to lose arm privileges but she likes being snug as a bug. She enjoys a double swaddle at night for full cocoon status.

Literally the happiest girl.

Ended the month stepping into cloth diapers with her. She looks even cuter in cloth.

Pretty typical life moment for Kate. Just laying on the floor, wondering where everyone went, and kicking it until we go back to get her.

Convicted fabric chewer.

St. Patrick's Day outfit.

This was her first day wearing tights. Clearly we have a lot to work on with "lady like" sitting.

Our daytime crew.

Her face.

Earning little sister bonus points by playing Legos with Brother.

Mid-day nap on Grandma.

Chit chatting with Grandpa.
Easter happiness.
What? More pictures. MOM!

With Dad Dad. Same look on their faces. PK and PK (princess Kate).

Happiest Baby on the Block.

Happy 3 Months, Baby Kate.

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  1. Hey, Susie? Can you do me a favor and tell your daughter to stop being so freaking adorable? Cheeks and leg rolls for daaaayyyyzzzzzz. I love her!!! It makes me worry that my kids will be trolls in comparison. :P


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