[monday meals mashup] April 6

Hokay so not all weeks are winners.

Let's take Susie Homemaker down a peg with a quick recap of last week's meals:
Monday's curry was horrible. Inedible. Horrible. First zero we've had from the new Martha cookbook, so it was bound to happen.

Tuesday's chicken was delicious but the cook time listed was way off, and after almost doubling it, the chicken was still raw in places. We ate around it but were starved.

Thankfully our trusty pasta soup was Wednesday's meal. We would rise from ashes like a cooking Phoenix. Or that could go south too when the wrong can of tomatoes was dumped in - this one was actually Chuck's fault so I take no responsibility. Fine, some responsibility. He bought the wrong one and I blindly poured it in because since when does Chuck ever do anything wrong? Losing the first two meals for the week was one thing, but the pasta soup getting ruined was the icing on the cake.

Also, just as a top off to the greatness, I made a recipe for applesauce muffins - something to have on hand for breakfasts - and they tasted like feet. Four recipes. Four disasters.

It just wasn't our week.

In related news, I lost a few post-partum pounds last week from all the not eating. An impromptu diet and so effective.

This week will be better. It literally can't get worse than last week. It is impossible to have another week as bad as last week. Aside from one dinner this week, we are sticking with the classics AND making sure to buy the right ingredients for those classics. Let's hope we are winner winners this round.

Monday: Tuna Noodle Casserole. Starting the week with an emergency meal. Sam is super sick so we will not be making it to the grocery store today. Luckily, I always keep the ingredients for Tuna Noodle on the shelf just for times like this. I made it in the calm of the morning and it's sitting in the fridge right now. We will bake it at dinner time - I love recipes that can do that. God bless the casserole.

Tuesday: Beef and Orange Stir Fry. This was actually the first recipe I ever blogged about. The post is so bad I won't even link back to it - you are welcome to go Easter egg hunting for it. I won't stop you. Six years later, and I'm still just as in love with this recipe as I was then. Tips: always use rib eye, cut it early and marinade in soy sauce, fry the meat like you would a steak - leave it, then flip it. Don't stir it the whole time.

Wednesday: Pasta with Peas and Prosciutto. This is a different taste for pasta if you need a change from red sauce. The sauce is cream based, but really light. And the prosciutto makes it just more fun and fancy. All good things.

Thursday: Turkey Skillet Pie. Our one new recipe for the week. At least Fe has done this one - raved about it - so we aren't shooting in the dark. It's from the One Pot Martha Stewart cookbook that I'm currently a slave to. From the looks of the ingredients, think Sloppy Joes crossed with Chicken and Dumplings. Feels right to me.

Friday: Fish Tacos. Haven't made these in a while and I can't wait. We grill the fish in foil packs because it's delicious, easy, and keeps my kitchen from smelling like the Ballard Locks. [recipe card below]

Saturday: Baked Ziti. We will throw Chuck a bone and make his favorite dinner this week. He'll be all sorts of excited. He's a simple man.

And that's us for the week.
Wish us luck because after last week...anything is possible.

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