[monday meals mashup] April 27.

Happy Monday from a high of 79 today and I don't know what to do with myself and that kind of gorgeousness.

It's a beautiful day to meal plan? Sure why not.

Monday: Chili Dogs. See above where I said it was summer like here. I have a dear dear friend coming for dinner and she and Chuck picked chili dogs for dinner. Of all the things.... no complaints though. How easy is that?

Tuesday: Beef Bulgogi.  We like this with rice - it's just a different flavor than every day stir fry. I always forget to make this so we only have it a few times a year.

Wednesday: Chicken Nuggets. Sam is in a dip phase right now so nuggets is a pretty solid plan to ensure he eats dinner with no resistance. This recipe is really easy - I highly recommend it.

Thursday: Out to dinner. Out on a Thursday? I know. Who are we? It's a thing with Chuck's work so I actually get to talk to real adults and I bet someone will hold Kate so I might MIGHT get to eat a warm meal.

Friday: Quiche. Never got to it last week. Better late than never.

Saturday: Sam's 2nd birthday party. He's 2. Well, he'll be two next Monday. Close enough. We're having all his baby friends over for a post-naptime party to celebrate Sam and give the adults an excuse to hang out and be together. Sam has selected "Noodle Crack" as his birthday dinner. JK. He would have selected cheeseburgers but the adult party population selected Noodle Crack because it reminds us of college and simpler times. [recipe card below]

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