[monday meals mashup] April 20.

Hey-o all and happy Monday.

It's an easy meal plan this week for us. I love when these weeks happen. We have just the right amount of stuff on hand and carry over from last week that it's a total of 16 items we need from QFC to make this week's first train go (that includes these dinners, lunches and breakfast - WIN.) .

I love cheap, easy weeks like this. They make my miser heart sing.

Happy Meal Planning.

MONDAY: Blue Cheese Burgers. Oh heaven we are having burgers. It's 75 today, sunny, and the grill is just dying to be used. And we are just dying to have burgers. The secret to these burgers is adding enough to the ground beef to hide any meat taste (I'm a meat eating vegetarian) and making the carmelized onions. Beyond that, you do what you think is right with them.

Photo stolen with love from Martha.
TUESDAY: Cashew Chicken is back on the menu. I ended up sicker than I could handle last week and  this was the dinner that never got made. Here it is again.

Photo stolen with love from Premeditated Leftovers.
WEDNESDAY: Bacon and Cheddar Quiche. Nothing says "cleaning out the fridge" like making quiche. I add sautéed onions to this recipe. I'm sure you could add mushrooms too. And probably the kitchen sink as well. It's quiche for goodness sake.

Photo stolen with love from Gimme Some Oven.
THURSDAY: *Crockpot*Teriyaki Chicken. This is our new recipe for the week so wish us luck. It looks great and I'm in the market for a teriyaki recipe.

FRIDAY: Steak and Spaghetti. When I was little, we had this almost every Friday night. Sometimes I don't even realize I'm writing it down until it's already on the menu. Fridays are made for steak and spaghetti. For a little extra class, I start heating up the sauce (I use super fancy Prego Chunky Garden) on the stove mid afternoon (or in the crockpot all day on low). It completely changes the taste of the sauce and makes it just a little more than it usually is.

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