[monday meals mashup] March 30th

Contrary to what my blog suggests, we do still eat around here. And even if just for two friends who like looking at our menu each week, I'm restarting Monday Meals Mashups on the blog. Cue the applauds and the eye rolls. Look, I'm grasping at any straws around here that will get me back to writing.  Take it or leave it (I hope you take it).

Ok so now I'm cooking with two kids around here and what does that look like? Your basic nightmare. Mayhem. Madness. McDonald's for everyone!! Actually, hold the phone, surprisingly no. Dinner has actually gone just fine despite the best efforts of Baby Kate and Toddler Sam, AKA The Hindering Twins.

I do most of my meal prep during whatever amount of time God shines his light on me (that's when their naps overlap) OR when Baby Kate chooses to let me set her in a bouncy chair. My life is now her life and she decides how we do things. I don't foresee any future problems with this system especially in the tween years. This should be just fine.

I cook the meal in the half hour or so that we are left twiddling our thumbs waiting for Fun to come home from work. I do amazing parenting during this time by parking Sam with my iPhone and wearing Baby Kate. This is survival mode, friends. I will unrot his brain another day.

With the gruesome twosome in tow, I've been reaching for every quick, easy meal I can get my hands on. Thankfully, my sister-in-law apparently can see the future, knew I would be in need of new meals post baby, and sent up Martha Stewart's One Pot recipe book. She is a gem. Martha and sister-in-law.

I'll wait.
I have no where else to be. The kids are napping.

Brief synopsis: the book is split into sections and each recipe is made in one pot, pan, baking dish, skillet, crock pot, even pressure cooker. It's legit. Plus each recipe has a picture. The only way to print a cookbook.

I'm quickly working my way through this one and loving every minute/meal of it. This week's menu pulls out three meals from it and that's pretty much how it's been around here since Kate came. This book is my new Bible but since when has Martha ever not been?

Happy Monday, people. It's good to be back.

Sunday: Chicken and Dumplings. From the "new" book. The Good Book. I've made this twice now. It's perfection. It is also definitely a Sunday/Chuck is home meal because the actual cooking part takes about 30-40 solid minutes and someone has to be here to watch the children. I can't half cook and half parent through this one. Thus, making this meal is like taking a vacation. Do you see where my life is now if cooking is a vacation? Let's go there another time.

Monday: Beef and Pineapple Curry. I'll give you one guess where this recipe came from. Word. This sounds bomb. Pineapple, good. Red curry paste, good. Beef, good. Coconut milk, good. Actually, this recipe sounds like me: a total winner. But it could be like me and a total hot mess. We will see...

Tuesday: Pasta Soup. It's all about easy these days. No muss, no fuss, or we ain't eating it. Have you made this yet? Make it on a rainy day and send me a thank you. {recipe card below}

Wednesday: Roast Chicken with Herb Butter. You'll NEVER guess where I got this recipe from. I'm having trouble finding the exact recipe from the cookbook for this one but this is close enough. The cookbook version is a whole chicken on a bed of lemons and potato wedges.

Thursday: Carne Asada in the crockpot. Surprise, surprise, this one is actually from Pinterest. I'm in the market for a good carne asadsa recipe so if you have one, hit me up. We'll see how this one does. See if it makes the cut. I have a good feeling.

Friday: Flank steak bought pre-marinaded because I am a cheater. I'll either grill this (I being Chuck) or cook it in the electric skillet which shockingly cooks up a good flank. I wouldn't have guessed it, but it does.

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  1. I posted our menu today too!! Hope all is well friend. Andplusso I'm making 2 Martha dishes this week...all hail Martha


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