hey. hi. how are you.

Ok so blogging with two kids. Not as easy as it looks...

Good news is, I've managed to keep every other ball in the air so I'm only neglecting the blog and what a win that is for me. What? The only thing I'm seriously losing at right now is Internet life and I'll take it. Yes, it's sad that the children are ruining all the time I have to tell my'stories, but they are both still alive, hygiene is passable, dinners are made, house is clean(ish), real life friends are somewhat in existence, and baby weight is still present. [the baby weight is like a comfort item now, like a skin baby blanket - don't know what I'd do without it...]

Life is exhausting right now.

But it is a happy exhaustion.

So my Internet life has taken a hit. Could be worse right? At least I'm here now to say, 12 weeks into two under two and I think I'm back...Maybe. Hopefully. Where are the hands praying emoji on this keyboard? Basically, think of it more like a blogging maternity leave and then it doesn't sound so bad.

Here's a brief synopsis of life right now.

We're pretty happy with our new little life and we've gotten pretty creative with our days. Days can be long so activities are make or break. I'll type up some posts on the interesting activities we've come up with AKA how we kill time until lunch/nap/dad comes home to rescue us.

But don't be fooled. There have been plenty of tears.

And plenty of really top notch, excellent, award winning parenting.

There have also been plenty of pictures of Baby Kate taken. Haha, NOPE. Not my fault. This is not a case of Second Kid Syndrome it's a case of baby wearing. Someone likes to be worn, I like wearing her, and I don't like selfies so SAWREA Kate. We'll just tell you how cute you were. 

There have been more than a few Toddler Tantrums: Sam Style which is a silent sit in protest. You do what you gotta do Sam, but after laying on the floor of the consignment store, I might need to burn that outfit.

There have been HORRIFIC incidences of disappointment. NABISCO: This is not an appropriate amount of filling in an OREO. Aside from my marriage, biggest let down ever. #neverforget

We have turned to gambling.
But only at grandma's house.
We have also turned to grandma's house A LOT. Both grandmas. We'll see who gets sick of us first. 

And we have lost the will to party from time to time. Sometimes, you take a three hour nap with the lights on and you own it. It happens.
Hokay. So you're caught up. We're good. I think I can get this life back.

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