baby kate. 2 months old.

Dearest Baby Kate,

If you would like yourself blogged about, then we need to discuss bed time. Circle of baby trust here? I'm good with how much I've seen you in a day by, like, 7:30. As much as I love you - oh Baby Kate, I sure do - I don't love you as much from 7:30 - 9:00.

Look, kid, I have other things on my evening agenda, really important things like blogging and internet-ing. I could do without juggling you during an Intervention-esque process: "Kaitlin Nancy, will you accept the sleep help that is being offered to you?".

Ok I will admit, Baby Kate, that the night time dance is totally worth the 10 hours you sleep after it, but I kind of miss my me time. I have a lot of stories to tell and you are not letting me tell them. You are making things look super second kid around here and really, it's on you not me.

Tonight. Tonight you have chosen to fall asleep at 7:30. I don't even know what to do with myself. I'm practically giddy dusting off my keyboard and sitting down to tell the world you are two months old. You are fabulous. You are fun. You are the stuff second born baby dreams are made of.

We love you, Baby Kate. We plan to keep you around, but let's make your two month resolution to find a better, more time effective bedtime ritual.


Sam decided Chuck's Mom is "Lala" so we're going with it. Lala loves her Katie Girl.
Has Solly Baby Wrap. Will travel.

Lucy is so in love with her Baby. Do not even get me started about my memories of Lucy at the same age. Why is their no "kill me" emoji on this key board? Why are there only letters?

Not to be out done by Lala, but Mom Mom loves her Katie Girl.

Kate-erina Kitty Cat.

Pretty adequate representation of Kate's day.

Aunt/Cousin Janelle! The sigh of relief when she walked in the house was as much from Sam as from Me, and then Chuck when he got home. Thank God a real parent is here for the children.

Little did we know, Chuck would have a 101 fever in just a few hours. She never caught it. Dodged that bullet.


Vomit happens.

Her favorite chauffeur.

A rare photo together... How do these Pinterest Moms get perfect photos of a not-two year old and a baby? Tell me what I'm missing here.


She is truly the light of our days, even if she still won't take a bottle. Don't even get me started...

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