thank god it's february.

I have been dying for February since January 6th.

Aside from the deep depression I'm in from the Super Bowl, February is exactly what I need. February means we've made it a month. A whooooole month. What? I'm celebrating the small stuff.

The bottom line with motherhood is that we need to steal the "it gets better" slogan, or at least borrow it because it is the truth. Which is why I've been holding on to February like it was a life saver. February would mean things are getting better and thank god, February is living up to its hype, two days in, IRregardless of what happened on the grid iron yesterday (SB49 is now Voldemort for me. It will never be named again).

But let's be REAL clear about something. I'm saying February is my "it gets better" month not my "everything is perfect and I'm wearing clean pants that definitely don't smell like spoiled milk" month.

This crap is hard. It's not easy and it's definitely taking its toll. Worth it? Of course. I'm sure I'll wear jeans again some day and my shirts won't be crusty with milk forever.

Until then...

It gets better.

She's sleeping amazingly well, he's loving her like she's the best thing since sliced bread (she is) and I have a circle of support and help so big I couldn't drown right now even if I tried. It keeps getting better.

I'll just keep it on repeat and keep on moving.
And keep you in the loop because right now, I think I need this blog more than ever.


  1. We all love you, lady!! You are a rock star. :P

  2. You are a rock star! And you are doing an incredible job. Try to remember when there are meltdowns and crying from all four of you and sleepless nights, that someone out there in blogland thinks you are fabulous and incredible. xo

  3. I am so glad you posted again!! I've been refreshing every day waiting to hear how you are doing!! She is lovely and you have the best attitude. Hang in there!

  4. Awe what a cutie..hang in therethe drinks are on Chuck.

  5. I so agree. It does get better. So great to read that you have a good support network though. Hope you're healing well, getting rest, and enjoying every moment of being a mama of 2! Congrats.


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