[photo dump friday]

It has really been a banner week around here.
I'm finally FINALLY back to normal after this c-section. It was a slow and painful recovery this time around (emphasis on both slow and painful) and I feel like I got my life back this week. Sam got Mom back, Katie got to have a Mom and my Mom got to be less caregiver more Grandma again. Win. Win. Win.
This is the happiest Friday Photo Dump in a long time. It was a good week. It was a great week. Smiles all around, even from Kate who decided to start smiling this happy week.
Here's how we did:

Sam likes to carry around this picture of Chuck's Mom and Sister all over the house. I hear him talking to them and I find them in weird places. This week, I found "Naaaaaan" and "Lala" in the toaster. That was my favorite.

He is a morning person. This is 6 am and looking out the window.

Super Sam was given a cape by my Mom's best friend, Christine. This is the best Christine gift ever, after the Air Zooka. The Air Zooka wedding gift is still tops.

I'm a good Mom. I'm a good Mom. I'm a good Mom.

Found out this week that Sam can climb chain link fences. He got about half way up this one in a quest to see the "dig digs".

She likes to hold her hands. It's adorable.

Kate was worried the bow was just too much.

Born to fly. Maybe next time he'll actually take off.

First walk to the park and it was heaven.

Sam was so happy to be outside with mom again. It's been awhile.

Pajama Fridays are a little crowded now that these two have joined the party. Thank God they are classic second borns. This is Miles, Lucas' little brother. He's three months old and a peach.

The Bigs at Pajama Friday. Play Doh adventures and Orange Juice dreams...

We'll end the week with her first smile. It's amazing how a smile can make it all worth it. That and finally her recognizing for all my hard work.


  1. I am so jealous that you are both 2 under 2 moms!! Loving this picture and Sam climbing - its Ellies favorite pastime too.....we are in trouble!

  2. I can't handle the cuteness of Kate's chubby little Buddha belly in the picture with Miles. :) I just want to tickle it! Stop it with the cuteness.


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