happy one month, Kate.

And we've kept her alive for a month! WAHOO! It's all down hill from here right?

Let's get you better acquainted with Miss Kate, shall we?

Katie Girl is a doll. She likes long naps, is a habitual over eater, and a convicted cuddle bug. Almost too much of a cuddle bug - that transition to her own crib is going reeeeal well (sarcasm at its best).

She spent the first half of her life only sleeping on me but has now transitioned to the space in the bed formerly known as "where Chuck sleeps". Chuck has transitioned to the guest room because our bed is not made for 3. The dream is for Kate to someday sleep in her own bed and Chuck to move back into our room, but right now - it's newborn survival mode.

Speaking of newborn survival mode, let's talk about Kate's behavior from 8 pm - 10 pm every night. It is most unbecoming of a lady. I wouldn't say it's colic - it's not three hours of screaming. It's definitely PM fussiness / "I am woman, hear me roar". And I get that.

During the day, she is lovely. Hardly a peep and easily calmed if she does speak up. Between 8 - 10, Lord have mercy. She cannot handle life. Someday, we will have a bedtime routine for her that doesn't involve me saying "SEE YA!" and going to bed at 8 while Chuck bounces and juggles until 10, when he brings her in and like a light, she's down for the count and sleeps hours. HOURS. 6, 7, I think we've even had an 8 hour stretch. She likes her sleep. She just doesn't like her evenings.

I have a theory that the PM fussiness is a ploy for attention because it basically starts the moment Sam goes to bed. It's like she wants to really make sure we notice her and she gets full parental attention for her only child time once Sam is down. We see you Kate. Oh we so see you.

All in all, we have decided to keep her and continue being a family of four.

Happy one month Kate.

First bath. Didn't cry for this one, but cried for all subsequent until just this last week. Way to grow and mature, Kaitlin.

First official photo as a foursome and first official "on the couch" photo. This was at two weeks old so erase some baby weight from my face.


Her life is exhausting.


  1. OMG Katie Girl is beautiful. Allison party of four rocks!!

  2. I can't get over how much she looks like Sam!

    So happy for the FOUR of you! Praise Jesus.


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