photo dump friday

Possible alternative titles to this week photo dump:
  • Guess how many pics of a sleeping baby you take in a week?
  • Sorry Sam, you aren't the only show in town anymore.
  • Sam Allison: former only child.

Ok so we have a new toy and we like to take pictures of said toy. Sue me. I'm sure the novelty will (never) wear off but what I can hope for - for Sam's sake - is a more equitable division of Allison children photos. This week. Not so much. Sorry not sorry Sam. Step up your cute game.

Also not helping is that I am in day 10 of C-section prison. Let's just say this recovery is not going as well as it should be or even close to what it was with Sam. I was promised an easier recovery from C-section 2.0. This is not what I was told it would be. Please send more trashy magazines and better day time television to aid in the healing.

All that to say that Kate and I are living in a nice little classy bubble in my bedroom where I have a toddler rail attached to the bed serving dual purpose: it is a cage to keep Sam off of me AND something to push down on to hoist my giant post partum body out of bed without using my abs. Maybe next week we can talk more about my thoughts on this C-section. I'll stop my whine-a-thon now.

Anywhoo, my justification for the overload of Kate only pics is because it's just Kate, Me, and an iPhone all day long so obviously she is going to win the number of picture show down. This is what I will tell Sam's future therapist.

And now, a million pictures of the same baby face just in different poses/pajamas:

Without this guy, we would be sunk. Not many Dads voluntarily take three weeks off work to get everyone well after baby comes. But he does. Because he's a really really good Dad and Husband.

Our memo board in our room got a lot of laughs from the nurses. We aim to please.

Meanwhile at home during our hospital stay, Sam had croup. Guess how much fun it is to have a sick toddler at home, a new baby just born and try to keep them separated? I wouldn't know because that task was given to Chuck's mom and sister who handled all things Sam and all things quarantine. They nailed it.

Yeah! Chuck's Mom had a pic on her phone of Kate with our photographer Pam.

The going home outfit was less than appreciated...

Grandma multi-tasking. Sam can't say grandma yet so he calls her Lala. We have no idea why but we are going with it for now.

Baby selfies.

Chuck says we have the same resting grump face. I guess I see it.

Aunt Nan's dog Millie hates people, hates fun but loves babies. She did not appreciate any visitors holding Kate. Family only was Millie's policy.

Checking out his "Bubbay". He loves her so much.

Getting ready for her first Seahawks game in a matching outfit with Aunt Nan: jeggings and a denim button up.

Mommy multi-tasking. We are learning to do things together.

Good news: My kids are definitely related.

Sam's bath time job is Kate's feet. He takes his work very seriously.
 Happy Friday to All!!!

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  1. I love it all! Congrats to the Allison family! Sam has me melting and Kate is the best!


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