photo dump friday / i missed most of december, huh?

Ok ok so December got away from me. I had lots to blog and lots to share but no energy to get any of it onto a computer. We are going to do a massive Sam's life dump today and call it good.


Because I'm officially in the terminal stages of the pregnancy (T-minus 4 days) and have definitely hit the "kill me, kill me now" phase. Tomorrow is 39 weeks, Tuesday is the C-section. Time, if you are wondering, is actually ticking backwards. If we don't get these pictures posted today, then Christmas never happened at the Allison house. I'm pretty sure that's how social media works. If I don't post it, it didn't exist.

Don't worry, I'll get my act together this weekend and get a few thoughts down on the impending birth of Kate and upheaval of Sam's life. Until then....

Happy Friday, Happy 2015.

First snow and that look at Grandma. He couldn't love her more.

I like to call him boxed whine.

Good news. The transition to the double stroller has gone as well as the rug transition.

After nap fire and hot chocolate.

Every morning after his shower. I love this.

Watching squirrels.

Stealing unbaked Christmas cookies..

Caught by Mom Mom. The other love of his life.

After Christmas cookie decorating, we found him eating sprinkles out of the jar and watching tv on the iPhone. Let's just say I'm really nailing parenthood in pregnancy.

Samantha modeling Kate's bow.

This was him super happy about a 5 am wake up on Christmas. I've never disliked him more. Also, that's his tower. Can we talk about it another time?

The only toy he cared about on Christmas morning: his new drill. He actually shakes his head "no" every time I try to use it. It's like he knows I'm not allowed use Daddy's either.

Merry Christmas (a week late).

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