baby kate.

She is here. 

Obviously she is here because I posted about KateMas Eve more than a week ago and no, I haven't been laying on an operating table since then. Close - just change operating table for my bed and add a few 100 well deserved bed sores. C-sections blow. I have a lot to say about them but not now.

Katie Girl is here. 9lbs, 10 oz and originally 19 3/4 inches long - just like Sam - and just like Sam she "grew" two inches by the next morning. She didn't actually grow two inches, more like finally stretched out. Apparently I make fat, stumpy babies who need a day to uncurl.

Kate is wonderful, and fantastic, and baby perfect delicious. We had a photographer at her birth so I'll share those pictures tomorrow. Tonight, I just wanted you to know she's here.

Never thought she'd be here or that she'd be this amazing. We are all (and I mean all - Sam too) just enchanted by her little presence.


  1. congratulations! I have been obsessively refreshing my reader waiting for news (promise I'm not creepy :P)

  2. LOL! Ditto :) congrats congrats congrats!

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  5. Baby Kate welcome to this crazy world :)


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