an overshare of baby kate's birth pics.

Look alive people. I am about to blow you up with birth pics. Settle in because we have a few million share and I just do not have the energy or desire to cut back.

Just like with Sam, we had a photographer join us in the operating room to capture the moments that we wanted to remember forever. We have treasured for 20 months the pictures we have from Sam's birth so this was absolutely going to happen.

But four days before D-Day, we hit a snag and our beloved photographer came down with the flu. No, no, no - I would have this day documented if I have to do it myself. I swear to you, I would. I wanted these pictures that bad. I don't think I would have been allowed to do that but hey, a girl can try.

Good thing Chuck has the most amazing relationship with his boss and that his boss's wife owns a photography business. And she was willing to step in at the last minute, drive hours to our hospital to takes these pictures, and stand the smell of my C-section. Those things do not smell delicious.

Pam was unbelievable to jump in, tackle this, and we will never be able to thank her enough for photographing Kate's birth. (Pam's work is amazing - you can see more of what she does here).

Kate came into this world in such a happy OR. There was laughing, there was joy, there was so much excitement waiting to welcome her into the world. It was perfect.

The first thing I heard about Kate was "look at those cheeks!" from the anesthesiologist watching her come out. The first thing I heard from Kate was the gentlest baby cry you've ever heard. The next thing I heard was "how do you make babies this big?!" from the doctor.

I don't know. I just don't know.

I'm so glad we have these photos. I'm so happy to share some of them with you today.

Lots of commentary and do push through to the end of these because Sam seeing me post operation was, well, pumpkin carving 2.0. Oh and fair warning, there is one of her coming out of my wide open stomach. It's tasteful, but you've been warned so no complaining.

Happy Birth-Day Baby Kate.
The world is a better place with you in it.
Photos by Pamela Hunter - A Vie Photography.

You'll do your best to look past my double chin in all of these. He stayed away for most of the pregnancy but came to play in the last week. Jerk.

That tactful tushy out and open to the public walk to the operating room. Very lady like and very dignified.

This guy. So freaking excited to have a new baby, especially excited that it's the girl kind.


And there she is.

My first look at her. It was a lot to take in. I didn't cry when Sam was born but I did with Kate. I think it's because I already know: I know how much I'll love her, I know what fun we have in store, I know what's coming and it is fantastic.

I think she has the tiniest pin head. It's 97th percentile. I think that tells you how thrown off perspective is from having Sam.

Handling the skin to skin duties and loving every minute of it.

Our first hold (ish).

The doctor who delivered both the Allison kids. She's amazing and perfect for us. By that I mean, she gets us and the horrible, awful things we say during appointments.

The definition of hot mess: these two. Ok. These three.

And Sam. Oh dear. Sam did not appreciate seeing Mom in a bed, wires, tubes, IVs. He lost it.  The baby: whatever. Mom in pain: alert the media.  

PK meeting new PK (princess Kate, duh)

Still hating this.

I did get a "conk" - that's Sam's word for forehead bonks to show love - and he was out of there. He kept pointing at pictures of me the rest of the day crying about Momma. A happy picture of me and Kate had to be sent to him before nap time to calm him down. Sensitive Sam.


Aunt Nan with her baby namesake.

Dear Sweet Baby Kate. We didn't realize we were missing you until you came to join us. How lucky are we?


  1. Hi Susie, I'm Nan's friend. I've followed your life with Sam and am beyond moved by these photos of the BEAUTIFUL Kate. I cried so hard looking at them that my husband said "...guess we're having a second kid." Anyway didn't want to be a silent creeper. Congratulations!!! Ps our son weighs 22 pounds at 4.5 months so I know all about fat babies!

    1. Hi Jenny!!! I know alllll about you too (and big boy Salter!). I'm so happy to finally "meet" you. Xoxox!

  2. These are beautiful. Congratulations to everyone! Sam looking at you had me in tears!

  3. What an accurately written reminiscence of baby Kate's birthday! Your cheerful recap brings back the upbeat vibe of the day regardless of being under the knife. Lovely addition to a lovely family!

  4. Apparently we should be friends ... My new guy was 9 lbs 15oz ... Big babies are the best!!!


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