santa pictures in all their glory.

Happy December.
Happy Christmas.
Happy it's the month where it's totally normal for kids to sit on a strange man's lap and have their picture taken.

Only month of the year that that doesn't seem to raise any eyebrows. Okey dokey.

Sam was stoked to see Santa.


Sam has no concept of Santa because he's a stupid baby. He does say "Ho Ho Ho" when I ask him what Santa says but I don't count that for anything. I think the understanding of Santa is even less than the understanding that "there's a baby in mommy's tummy." Witch craft.

So, anywayz, Santa pictures went super well.

SUPER well.

Sensitive Sam was doing a great job waiting patiently and we were just second in line for the day to meet The Big Guy. Sam had a good rapport going with Santa. Eyes were being made at each other, smiles and waves were exchanged. Things were looking good. OH! And Sam had deduced that Santa had candy with him which means he loved him already. He was *this close* to getting BFF necklaces with him.

EXCEPT slash UNTIL the kid in front of us did not get that memo and his parents also did not get the "deal with it" memo on Santa pictures. They didn't want a screaming picture, but they had a screaming child.  So they decided now would be good time to try to teach their 2 year old to forgo the natural instinct to not trust the stranger offering them candy. They also decided that allowing this meltdown to continue for almost ten minutes was totally fine.

Look, I'm not trying to knock their parenting style. I know, Judgy wudgy was a bear and I get it. Sorry. I'm just saying: know your kids' limits AND have some sense of well being for the line of people you are holding hostage. These are the same people who stop in traffic, try to merge while going zero, and hold up everyone all because they couldn't read the right turn only sign and now that's your problem. You know these people. I hate these people.

Sensitive Sam got all flustered watching this insanity and by the time this family decided to NOT take a Santa picture, Sam was already crying.

And yes, this will be the first of MANY times that I blame someone else's kid and parenting style for the short comings of my sweet angel Sam. He is a god and I tell him that every day (name the TV show that  epic line came from).

We did quickly shove a candy cane into Sam's mouth to quiet him and called it good. We know Sam's limits. Once the circle of trust is broken only candy and distraction can start mending it. Plus, the screaming/terrified/why would you do this to me? picture is a rite of passage. Just don't tell my mother - she is not a fan of the screaming Santa pics.

And it's officially December. My goodness. Where did the year go?

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  1. The crying Santa picture is an essential part of any kid's life. PS - Sex and the City.


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