sam's first trick or treating adventure.

Sam is currently snoozing upstairs so I have five minutes to actually blog and put up some pictures of him. It's a November 3rd Miracle. Actually it's not a miracle but the lovely aftermath of Day Light Savings. Thanks Ben Franklin.

It didn't matter how hard we worked this past week to adjust schedules and bedtimes to prepare for National Jet Lag Day. He is an alarm clock. 6 am is 6 am no matter what. Or 4:56 am yesterday and 5:25 this morning. Slight improvement. On the plus side, I get morning nap alone time again so, you win some, you lose some.

NE-ways. I've brought you here to discuss Sam's Halloween. Well, part one of Sam's Halloween. Today, the cute trick or treating pictures. Tomorrow, I'll show you how uber sensitive boy did with carving a pumpkin. Spoiler alert: not well.

Along with the pre-planning that went into Day Light Savings, there was a lot of pre-planning in Sam's trick or treating adventure. Mainly costume wearing.

See, Sam USED to be super easy going and chill about wearing a hat.

If you had told me a year later that I'd be 30 weeks pregnant, I would have asked you to stop doing drugs. They are bad for you.
Evidence: Last year's Halloween. He wore that hat and beard for two hours. Probably would have slept in it.

By his first birthday, hat wearing went down the toilet. All those cute sun protected kids in the summer? Please. Sam was just soaking up the rays and the cancer. He hates hats with a passion. Good luck in the cold months, Sam.

Well, problem is, most of the costumes in the toddler market are hat or head piece dependent. Lion. Mouse. Elephant. Sam would not, could not... you get it.

So thank goodness one Saturday in September, another Mom posted a costume for sale on a consignment site I'm obsessed with. $7 and a half mile drive to her house to pick it up and....

Sam the Cheeseburger was born.

It works on so many Sam levels. No hat. And cheeseburgers are his favorite food. OK so it works on two levels, but you get the point.

Sadly, Sam did not immediately get the point at first and did not appreciate wearing the costume. Surprise surprise. So Chuck and I took a Pavlov's Dog approach to it and linked the costume to candy. Seven nights of practice. Put on the costume, go outside, ring the door bell, Mom gives you candy.

We did not actually need to practice this for seven nights because after one night he was carrying around the costume saying "more! more!" and pointing at candy. So - for those keeping score, the concept of drinking milk is still baffling to him. The concept of ringing a door bell for candy: cemented for life.

And Halloween is now officially the best day of his baby life (save for that morning when he, ironically, slipped on an anti slip mat, and took a thumb to the cheek).

The moment he realized he wasn't doing this activity alone: about 50 big kids were running up and down the street at this point and he was mesmerized.

And then the moment he realized he was one of the big kids and was doing exactly what they were doing. This was also when my heart broke a little because we are definitely coming to the end of the Baby Sam era.

He was very deliberate in his candy choosing. We've done a GREAT job raising him and he knows what he likes. He's got a fine Hershey's pallet.  

I'll give you a second on my "costume" since it's a thinker. I'll tell you at the end.

"C'mon you two! Let's go!"

Pure happiness.

Pure mouth full of Milky Way. He for sure ate his birth weight in candy and whatever. It's Halloween. There's a reason it's only once a year. But hey, fun fact we learned: Sam can fit an entire fun sized Snickers in his mouth all at once. We clearly share the same mouth size.

It was the best. It was also, really, the first time Sam did an entire activity with "kids". We didn't dumb it down, he totally got the sequence, and he was definitely a little kid running around on Halloween. Thank goodness we are getting a new baby soon because this one is getting too old... (wink).

ps. I went as a pregnant pause. Get it? No one did. But I liked it.

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