photo dump friday.

This is going to be more like photo dump flashback Friday if everyone is OK with that. Good? GREAT. Because I have A LOT of pictures of Sammy Baby that I have been neglecting to put up on the blog. My plan is to remedy that situation immediately.

That little stud is officially 18 months old. The big 1-8. I tried to get him a cigar and lotto ticket but Chuck said wrong 18. Instead we got him a toddler bed.

Sneak peek image:

More on that next week. I want to have a few days of anecdotes on hand before we go down that road. It's definitely going better than that picture would suggest but I'm always one to make things seem worse than they are so there you go.

October was a huge month for Sam. He's talking up a storm, drinking copious amounts of milk, and even learned to dribble a basketball. Oh wait. He's done none of that. He's my little calcium deficient mute boy and I wouldn't have him any other way.

Happy Friday to all!

Someone turned into a little boy overnight. He's all about trucks and police cars and construction equipment. I'm thinking of getting him a Village People CD because they would be his hero.

New life skill: couch flipping. I figure, master this and move on to cow tipping.
Eating coffee grinds because that is super normal.

I got him these rain boots just for classy moments like this. Don't judge us. I want him to be a free range baby and sometimes, the only rain free weather is in the morning. I could get him dressed OR I could slip rain boots on over his footy pajamas.

This is photo 1 in a series called "guess what super safe game Sam plays with cords?"

Photo 2.

Photo 3. Could Santa please send a cord boa to Sam for Christmas? That would be great.

Another new safe life skill! We can now move kitchen chairs and stand on them all by ourselves! No knife is safe. No food can be left on the counter.

This is helper boy moving all the condiments from the two door shelves onto the bottom shelf of the fridge. Such a huge help. I had been meaning to reorganize.

Enjoying his morning bowl of cereal.

"Why Sam! What big eyes you have!!"

Thought he was the funniest person alive doing this.

They're a little big, but they have grow room.

Topless cookie decorating with his best friends, Lucas and Camden.

I said it was bath time. I turned on the water. I just didn't realize how badly he wanted it to be bath time. Apparently taking off his clothes would have taken way too long.

These two. They were having a donut party to celebrate Sam's 18 month birthday AND the last play date with just the two of them. Lucas became a big brother tonight. Sam has 8ish weeks left to enjoy his only child status.

Four days in a row of topless lunch. He takes his shirt off, then we eat. I like it.

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  1. Things that aren't fair:

    1.) That Sam gets to wear a cord boa and it's cute.
    2.) When I am somewhere for lunch, and I take my shirt off, I don't get served lunch. I get kicked out.


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