[monday meals mashup] November 10 edition.

Today was the kind of grocery store shopping trip where the Market Gods shine down upon you and say "yes, everything you need will be on sale today."

It was also the kind of grocery store shopping trip where you have to bribe the Toddler God with a maple bar for his cooperation. Keeping it classy and real, always.

Our menu list and need to buy list and the weekly ad overlapped today in the most glorious of ways. It felt like everything was on sale and I was on cloud 9. It was also a sad reminder that this is my life and these are the moments I treasure. Clearly, I need get out more.


IRregardless. Here's this week's menu and recipes:

Monday: Broccoli Supreme. A dish full of class...mostly lower. It's comfort food, it's kid friendly and it's really cheap to make. So clearly this is a meal for me. {recipe card below}

Tuesday: Lasagna. Chuck actually suggested a meal for the week and I about fell over. This happens less than once a month so I'll take it. Lasagna used to be something I dreaded making but over the years it's gotten easier and easier. I love that I can make it at nap time, fridge it, and bake it before Chuck comes home. Win. {recipe card below}

Photo stolen with love from The Food Network.

 Wednesday: Super Meatball Subs. Thanks Rachael Ray for one of the best recipes I have. This is such a boy meal and it's so good. It's great game day food and it's a great meatball recipe in general. I don't make my own sauce for these - I'm not that good. I always use Newman's Own Sockarooni for this recipe. That's the key. Oh and also, looking at this recipe, the original did not call for parmesan. Instead, each meatball is wrapped around a cube of provolone. Now that's the key. Ok so two keys for this recipe.

Thursday: Quick Asian Stir Fry. I've shared this link before but I'll share it again. This is so simple you can make it before the rice is done cooking.

Photo stolen with love from How Stuff Works.

Friday: Crockpot Curried Chicken. This is my new recipe for the week. Fe made it over the weekend and said it was bomb so that's good enough for me. Always looking for new crockpot meals and this one seems different from the other crockpot recipes I have so we will try it for a change of pace.

Saturday: FRIENDSGIVING. Our friends host a great Friendsgiving and we can't wait. It's like an appetizer to Thanksgiving but with the exact same food. Only pot luck style so you get to taste what Thanksgiving is like at 20 different homes. I'm so excited about going pregnant this year and eating myself into a coma.

Happy cooking! May the Market Gods shine on you too.

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  1. I made the cheesy chicken and rice situation that you posted awhile back, that I'd already had in my meal plan... and oh my god, Susie -- it was life changing. I ate almost all of it, and I don't have a second life form to blame for it. So what's MY PROBLEM???? :P


Tell me about it. Oh and thanks for validating my life.

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