eating my words on that toddler bed.

Well that escalated quickly. Or went down hill quickly. Or went exactly as expected.

Good news people. Sam can READ! He obviously read the blog post from yesterday, was able to comprehend what I'd written (that's an important step in learning to read) and was able to apply ideas he had learned from the post into a real world setting. This kid is common core ready. Sign him up for Kindergarten ASAP. He is clearly insanely gifted.

I am also insanely gifted at Murphy's Law and eating my words.

Allow me to begin this seven course meal in eating yesterday's blog post.

Do you remember that super cute post from yesterday about Sam's toddler bed transition and how it's going pretty well? He falls out. It takes longer to fall asleep but overall, not too bad.

Do you especially remember this line:

Spoiler alert. One hour after I posted that, Sam "thought to do it". Or, as I'm assuming, read my blog post - so nice of him to support me - and was absolutely enlightened by the idea.

Guess who DECIMATED their room yesterday in a 1 hour 15 minute nap stand off that I LOST because he fell and hit his head? (For the record, I believe he hit his head on purpose so I would have to come and parent him.) I rarely lose napping stand offs. This was devastating to my motherhood batting average.

Thank God for monitors so at least I could enjoy the absolute trashing of his room. I would be so bitter if I just walked in and saw what I saw. At least, I feel like I got a good show out of it, totally got my money worth, and know all the stories for how we ended up where we ended up.

Oh also, remember how I said that meltdown blogging was more fun than "my kid handled it" blogging. Well that is still true even despite what I'm about to show you.

In Sam's defense, he wasn't maybe totally ready for a nap yesterday. He had given himself a sizable car nap on the way home from hell IKEA and though he was rolling around on the kitchen floor rubbing his eyes after lunch, I should have kept him up a wee bit longer. BUT then I would have missed all this so, meh. Tomato, tamato.

This is where the nap started after he crawled out of bed. My nice sweet boy reading to himself in his tiny old man rocking chair.

 Things started getting a little interesting here because 1. Piggy is not a bed friend. 2. He's never shown interest in under his crib or bed so this was my foreshadowing moment that this was not going to end well and a lot of other firsts were coming.

You may be asking yourself, where's Sam? Is this after you came and got him? No... not quite.... see below photo now:

He was in the closet retrieving friends he has either rarely met or never met before. This was the beginning of what would be a fabulous bed party and the first of several trips in and out of the closet. Also, Sam says it is necessary whenever entering the closet to also shut it behind yourself for maximum "ta da!" factor.

Clothes on the floor! Hey Sam - you figured out a great way to party! Actually, this was the second batch of clothing he pulled out or rather what's left from the initial clothing rave of 2014 because he definitely had a moment where he knew this was wrong and put things back.

That level of guilt and remorse quickly vanished. My assumption is that at some point he put his little white angel from his left shoulder into the laundry basket for safe keepings and went ahead with his new best friend: right shoulder red devil.

This is a fantastic view of the small intimate gathering of friends that Sam invited to join him on his napping adventure. More than 50% of those items came from the closet. He was really into expanding his friend group yesterday and growing his social network.

And this is when the "nap" ended.

He has unzipped the bottom of one of this clothing bins  and put himself into it. I did tinkle a little when I saw this. My only regret from yesterday's "nap" is that I didn't get to see him go into it, just the aftermath.

This is also when he hit his head. Apparently the canvas bin weighs 500 pounds and he wasn't able to stand up with it tutu'd around his waist so he fell backwards into his bed. I do draw the fun line at head injuries so I kind of had to get him.

And now, the view from the ground:

Proud boy chewing on half a plastic Easter egg.

Welcoming Mommy to the party.

Most of these friends had to do the walk of shame back to the closet.

Well done, Sam. Well done.

So. Great news. He is a normal child and will act accordingly in his room if he is not ready to nap. Apparently, I can't just lock him in there unless I want to deal with this everyday, which I don't. It was funny the first time.

He did make it all up to me with this pose on the monitor last night:

Graceful ballerina Sam prancing in his dreams.

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  1. You have convinced me I need to get a nice color baby monitor when I have kids...


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