[monday meals mashup] october is not 75 degrees.

I'm really not appreciating October.

It's supposed to be my favorite happy month of Fall, but instead it's 75 and sunny. You can love it all you want but I have repeatedly requested Fall temperatures so I can switch into a more flattering maternity wardrobe. This is not too much to ask for.

Fine. Fine. Fine.

I'll deal for one more week because it's looking like 50s and rain next week, and I will be doing a happy dance in my rain boots, leggings, and over sized sweater.

Here's our menu for the week:

Monday: Calzones - Monday Night Football people and we need some game day food. These are probably not the most traditional calzones, but you know what? They are fun, delicious and make me happy. Here's how we make them: I buy the Rhodes Frozen Bread Loaves. Defrost one loaf all day per package directions (this one loaf with make three Goldilocks calzones for the Allisons: big, medium and little). Roll the dough out into "calzone" shapes and fill half with pizza fixings - think popover, jam pie type set up. We will have pepperoni, Canadian bacon, onion, peppers, cheese and pineapple available for ours. We don't add sauce - it makes it mushy and that's for dipping. Fold unfilled half over the fillings, place on cookie sheet and bake per the bread bag's instructions. Super easy. Super fun.

Tuesday: Spicy Thai Noodles

Pic stolen from original poster: A Small Snippet
This was on last week's menu and it's a hold over. Too sick to make it so Florence Fe-ingale came out with dinner.

Wednesday: Beef and Bean Burritos. So, WAY BACK WHEN (when schools actually had cooks and made real food), this was the recipe the 5-star gourmet chef would make at the school my mom worked at. The chef wanted the same schedule as her kids so she went to work at their school. Win for us because we got this bomb recipe out of the deal. Too bad school lunches aren't like that anymore, but don't get me started on that topic... [recipe card below]

Thursday: Cheesy Chicken and Wild Rice Casserole.

Pic stolen from original poster: Picky-Palate
The new recipe for the week - I try to do one a week (key word: try). Any recipe that calls for two kinds of rice and three cups of cheese is already a winner in my book.

Friday: Chicken Nuggets.
Pic stolen from original poster: Skinny Taste.
An easy peasy, delicious way to end the week.

Happy Cooking - Happy Monday!

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