29 weeks: we have a schedule.

Ten weeks from today is Baby Kate's extraction day.
Her spring from the uterine cage day.
Her Mel Gibson "freeeeeeeeedom" day.

Unless she decides to pull the ripcord early, January 6, 2015 is D-Day.

Write that down.

I went ahead and put that one on the family calendar in ink rather than pencil and let the doctor's office know that "no, I don't need a reminder call for this appointment. I'll be there."

Things for Baby Kate are coming together actually pretty well. Majority of my hysterical to-do list from a month ago is done-zo and now it's just, well, all coming together.

Here's a peek at Katie-Girl's room. No where close to done but yet, really close to done all at the same time. Pretty psyched about how this is coming on and thinking of moving into this room since I already like it more than mine.

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  1. Oh man! :) So, so, so cute!

    And I definitely approved of January 6 -- we will share birthday week, as mine's on the 8th. :) And January 6 is Three King's Day! She already rocks.


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