photo dump friday.

This week flew by and not surprisingly.

Once I had my little blog meltdown last week over things getting done around here, funny, but things started getting done. Point for public venting.

Items are being sold at lightning speed on Craigslist except the rowing machine. Why? Oh, because you have to list something in order for it to sell. Still dragging his feet on that one....

With the help of a Sam handler (Fe) I hit the ground hard this week buying items for Sam's *new* room and Kate's nursery. And my Father in Law will be in town this weekend to help with the "manly" things that I can no haz help on - like moving furniture. I got winded today vacuuming. I don't see heavy lifting in my 2014 future.

I am a happy pregnant camper now. Well, for now. I'm sure I'll be all up in arms about something in no time.

Until then.... Happy Friday!

Here's our week in cell phone pictures:

We went to Gameworks with The Gang on Saturday night. As you may know, Gameworks is a place of fun, excitement and over the top video games. Way too much for Sam Allison. He only liked the games if they were not moving, he wasn't actually playing or....

He was sitting with Auntie Jessica who was deemed the only "safe" person to play games with. This is shocking to me because she isn't a nice or safe person. Kidding. She's the best and he loves her too much.

First bowl of Spaghetti-Os. Be still my heart. I put this above walking in importance on the milestones list but just below McDonalds.

This is my Big Kid Baby having his bottle of water on the couch with his cartoonies. His attention span for TV is about five minutes and you know what, best five minutes ever. I am such a good Mom.

Great news. Found Sam's "missing" sweatshirt.

That would be Sam: 1; Grandma's irreplaceable Dogwood tea set: 0.
This is what he came downstairs in for dinner. I try to treat it like any child wanting attention. I just sighed, snapped a picture and went back to serving dinner.

Spear hunting for Daniel Tigers.


Jackie Cat had an obsession with trying to figure out how the printer and putting machine worked. Hours of experiments were logged throughout his life. Since his passing, Sam has taken up Jack's research with unbridled enthusiasm.

He's in the cupboard.
The audio to this picture is giggling.

He knew the second we walked into Great Clips that something was afoul.

And he knew the second he sat down that this wasn't going to end well. No amount of Sour Patch Kids, Junior Mints or PBS apps was going to fix this. Screw you Mom and Dad.

This is his fifth haircut. Each has gotten progressively worse. He cries harder during a hair cut than getting a shot.

The hair cut ends. He hops down off the chair, waves at the people in the waiting area and heads out the door for home like nothing ever happened and he did not just recreate a scene from the Exorcist.

Happiest Baby Toddler on the Block.
Happy Friday to all!

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