photo dump friday

Well, well. We've made it to another Friday.

Sometimes, I expect to go into Sam's room and find some sort of prisoner tally mark system checking off the days/weeks survived with me at the helm of his life ship. He did recently ask for a rock hammer and a poster of Dora for behind his crib so he might be planning some sort of escape.

I would be to by now because things are going down hill fast. Here's a fun quick story:

So I live in a permanent state of nausea with this pregnancy - varying degrees at all times and at least one vomit a day. Yesterday, Sam - oh wait, stop reading this if poo or vomiting or my life in general bothers you - took a dump like you would not believe. He'd been saving up for two days. ANYWAYS, it was so awful and I'm so nauseous all the time that yes, I threw up into the diaper. THIS IS MY LIFE. I did managed to get it closed before I puked over my baby and into a used diaper and thank the Lord he was fresh off a trip to Fe's house and was in a Pampers.

G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S. I am exactly who/what Fergie was singing about all those years ago.

Another visual for you: Sam likes to mimic my puking so he then spent the next few minutes "puking" into diapers.

And that about wraps up another fun week at the Allisons.

Happy Friday. TGICWBHTPFTD (Thank God It's Chuck Will Be Home To Parent For Two Days).

That moment when you look out the window and realize the baby is almost gone. Who is this big boy playing with his trucks alone in the dirt?

This was a fun parenting moment brought to you by Jessica and Me: we wanted to work on something on the computer but the boys were being less than helpful with that process. So, we locked ourselves in the room. More like barricaded. This is them trying to break through. They eventually gave up and went back to playing toys and we got our stuff done. It was a win win for all involved.


When we headed off for the Demolition Derby back in August, Sam did not like car toys or trucks of any kind. Never played with them. We came home, and he hasn't put them down. This purple matchbox car rides in the car seat with us.

Taking in all the sites at IKEA.
Putting out the baby vibe.

Being a little boy and NOT a baby.

Out take and I loved it.

These two like this every morning after we jail break Sam from his cage.

Oh and yes, that is a bottle. Not that I feel the need to justify myself but I think it's funny so here's the 411: We weaned Sam from the booby to a bottle. Sounds about right to me. It is just a bottle of water and only for night and naps. It worked to wean him and I was too morning sick to care (not that I would have anyways). As long as he doesn't go to Kindergarten sucking down 4 ounces of water before a nap out of a Medela bottle, I say we're fine.

New obsession: ear muffs.

First art work proudly left for us on his closet door. Sadly it was erased and not hung in the Louvre.

Someone having a case of the Mondays.

Until their favorite Uncle Cousin Mark showed up and then it was over loving the hose time.

Happiness is after a lovely nap...

Or the joy of successfully skipping a nap and knowing you "won".
 Happy Friday!


  1. I think I've found a new favorite blog. :)

  2. So so cute! Love the puking in a diaper and how the babies are gone and toddlers they have become!!!


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