[monday meals mashups]: the end of september.

Pot Roast is on sale!
Pot Roast is on sale!
Pot Roast is on sale!

...And this is where my life is at. I almost cried sweet tears of meaty joy that pot roast is finally on sale. Fall is officially here. You may think fall arrives with Pumpkin Spice Lattes; I know fall arrives when pot roast goes on sale.

My. Life.

The weather is getting cooler and foods in our house are getting heartier. Blessed be the name of fall.

Here's what we are cooking up this week (we? This is a we like we fixed up the back yard, we are pregnant with a baby girl, we rewired lighting over the weekend to add an overhead fixture to baby Kate's room - yes we did all of that in the same spirit that we will be cooking together this week...):

Monday: Pasta Soup. Not necessarily what I would have ultimately picked for tonight if I had all the time in the world, but it's mid-afternoon and sick Sam has a cold so we still haven't made it out for our weekly shopping trip. That means dinner tonight has to be easy and nothing says easy like pasta soup. Of course, for Chuck, pasta soup is simply a homemade crouton delivery system: heat a pan with EVOO (medium high) and drop in a bunch of French bread cubes to be totally soaked in oil. Turn, rotate, and babysit until they start to toast. This is the best part of pasta soup. {recipe card below}

Tuesday: Not sure if you heard, but pot roast is on sale this week. We will be having red wine pot roast to celebrate. Love this recipe - great recipe blog too (and she's had a heartbreaking infertility journey but is cooking her happy ending right now). I'll add some red potatoes in with the roast as he cooks in my crockpot and mash them up at the end with some cream.

Wednesday:  Chicken Stir-Fry Wraps. Good old Martha. I'm too lazy and cheap to buy a head of butter lettuce to actually make these wraps, so we will have them with rice. Sam will eat rice. He will not eat lettuce. He is so my baby.

Thursday: Spicy Thai Noodles. Love this recipe and love it even more with a side of peanut sauce and vegies.

Friday: Chicken Mish Mash. There is a real name to this meal but we call it mish mash. If you make it, you'll see why. It's delicious and if you have kids or a kid's pallet like me, it's perfect. Easy peasy crockpot dinner that somehow serves 5,000. I call those meals "Jesus Dinners". This is a Jesus Dinner. Servings just keep appearing from the crockpot.

Saturday and Sunday will be more house project fun. We made HUGE progress this weekend with the help of Chuck's Dad. This coming weekend we have "art direction" arriving in the form of Chuck's Mom and Sister to make nursery visions into nursery realities.

Happy Cooking as always!

ps on the soup: I've been skipping the spinach part for years since it violates my vegetable policy (no vegetables ever). I can't imagine making it with spinach now but I know there was a time when I would have said the complete opposite.  

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  1. Chicken Mish Mash! That is on our menu for this week! I think I am making it tomorrow. :) I found it last week and decided that I had to have it. Will it blow my mind???? I did the wackiest thing and actually PLANNED MEALS AND SHOPPED FOR THEM. :) Tonight we are having chicken tater tot casserole. I am for serious a toddler in an adult body. Without any toddlers at home, so what's my excuse?


Tell me about it. Oh and thanks for validating my life.

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