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Another week, another set of meals. Good news is, the weather got my memo from last week and we are definitely, finally, oh em gee what is taking so long, seeing signs of fall. Not strong signs - 66 and cloudy isn't exactly Seattle fall (more like a usual Seattle summer) but weather beggars are not weather choosers.

I sat down today per my Monday morning ritual and thought I'd take a picture of what my meal process looks like. Not that it's probably far off from yours, but it helps to give the visual on what I'm doing here. And isn't that what this blog is all about? To give you a clear picture of my life. That's actually a question. Add a question mark to that sentence. Is that what I'm doing here? Tough to tell.

So first, I sit down with my go-to recipe books.

The first, Martha Stewart's Great Food Fast aka The Recipe Bible. Immediately buy this if you don't already own it. The second two are my cookbooks, affectionately known as the "new cookbook" and the "old cookbook". Chuck and I are very cleaver and inventive with naming things. See our children, Sam and Kate for further examples. The middle one is the "new cookbook" - mostly Pinterest recipes that have made the cut with a few from friends and family too. The old one is the original cookbook that I started in college. It has some relic gems and forever classics.

Also, not pictured, is the grocery store weekly ad on my computer so I can see what's on sale. I'm dying to have red wine pot roast, but until pot roast goes on sale...I'll pass.

To add authenticity, I really should have a picture of Sam sitting next to me watching PBS shows on my phone while I do this. I'm 100% sure I read something about how important screen time is at 16 months old. Or maybe that was in Susie's Handbook for Effective Monday Morning Parenting. Probably was.

And then I make the master list:

Not listed are two really important things we bought: Spaghetti-Os for lunch today and Eggos for breakfast. I would say "Hey! I'm pregnant!" but let's be real. I eat those things normally. Actually, I haven't had Spaghetti-Os since I was pregnant with Sam and Eggos are for emergency "I don't feel like actually trying today" breakfasts for Sam. Weird, he loves them. Is there sugar in syrup? Then yes.

So here's what's for dinner:

Monday: LUDLES! Lucy's favorite. Will pour one out for our California home girl while we eat this tonight. Definitely takes time, definitely worth it. [recipe card below]

Tuesday: Country Skillet Supper. I found this one in the old cookbook. We used to have this all the time when we first got married and then abruptly stopped. I have no answer for why. Maybe I OD'd on it? Who knows. The recipe is a little like Rachel Green's Trifle. Beef, good. Tomatoes, good. Soup, good. Noodles, good.

Wednesday: Stove Top Chicken. I realize now that if you look at my grocery list, this is noted as "Burn Memorial". Funny story (except not but anyways): My Mom made this one year for Christmas dinner. It bakes for an hour at 350. She backed into me, dropped the pan on the door of the oven and it coated her face in 2nd degree burns. Christmas in the ER. This was 20 years ago and not once since then have we called it anything but "Burn Memorial Chicken". Her face healed perfectly, never scarred, and we got to rename a meal after her. Win for Fe. [recipe card below] Also, don't judge me.

Thursday: Fried Chicken. HECK YA. This is oven fried chicken - there is no deep frying happening in my kitchen. So easy and if you have kids, this was my favorite to help make because you have to shake the chicken in a bag to coat it. Add mashed potatoes and I literally can't wait.

Friday: Sam is at Fe's for a sleep over. Chuck and I will be eating dinner in peace, quiet, and somewhere really special and classy. Like Five Guys.

Saturday: Steak and Spaghetti. A classic my side of the family combination. Chuck's Dad is coming over to help with my to-do list / pregnancy meltdown so I'm making him one of my favorites. Lesson learned: one freak out blog post will earn you oodles of family help. I'm making the spaghetti sauce - it's a super simple 15 minutes Giada recipe (but minus the pancetta since we are having steak).

That's the week! Happy cooking to all.

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