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Oh my god. I have a blog?

News to me apparently.

I'm so stoked looking out my window that the leaves are showing some Fall signs. Light turning signs. Minuscule signs... ok ok, I'm grasping at fall colored leaf straws, but I'll grasp at what I need to. We are so close to being out of the summer heat I can almost taste it.

Actually, I can literally taste it since I have given up on summer cooking and have turned the corner into fall dinners. Oh I'll make it fall, dang it. I need fall. I need leggings. I need sweaters. I need to not wear these maternity shorts ONE MORE DAY. I cannot.

So, it may be 80 degrees outside today (which in Seattle-ese translates to roughly 118), but we are having fall for dinner. All.Week.Long.

Monday: Homemade Mac and Cheese. My favorite. The bestest. The bombest. The easiest. This recipe gets high marks for it's ease, the fact that I can make it in the morning and bake it later, and that it tastes just as good for lunch the next day. Oh and that I usually have everything for it sitting on my shelf. It was my favorite when I was five and my favorite now that I'm 25 (+6). {recipe card below}

Tuesday: 15 minute Herbed Chicken. It literally takes 15 minutes. This is an old Campbell's soup recipe and it's always on my shelf. Well, the one ingredient is always on my shelf as a go-to. The jist: Chicken titties browned on the stove then simmered in cream of chicken with herb soup. Fabulous with rice-a-roni and cranberry sauce. My only cooking recommendation with this one is to pound the boobies a tad thinner than how they come at the store. The really thick DD guys tend to take so long to cook that they dry out. Sometimes I even slice mine along the equator if they are just too Mae West huge.

Wednesday: Baked Potato Soup. Like I said, it's mid-November in my kitchen this week. I'm so excited about Wednesday dinner I'm already in countdown mode. This is a great fall soup and I strongly recommend making it - it's a baked potato in soup form. Fair enough, if I was working, this would be a Sunday soup not a Wednesday after work when I want to die soup. Not because it's overly complex, it just takes more than 15 minutes. {recipe card below}

Thursday: Chicken Yakisoba. Love this recipe from Pinterest. The spice can get away from you in a hurry so watch the sriracha use if you are a baby like me and need things zero-star.

Friday: No Peek Chicken. Nothing says fall like chicken cooking for 2-hours in your oven. Hello heaven.

Saturday: The final member of The Group turns 30 so we are out and about and "celebrating" the fact that we are all officially dying one day at a time. So old. I remember when he was 18.

I hope you have a lovely week cooking for yourself and your family.

Is it Fall yet?

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