sam's $10 latte. it better have been good.

As is customary when you turn 15 months old, Sam had his first latte today.

Let's be clear: this was not a sip of a latte. That first was around 9 months old or whenever he was able to use a straw. I can't remember off the top of my head and getting to his baby milestone book is like 15 feet away and just not going to happen. Good enough kids.

Sam's first latte day. Coincidentally, he also got his official Seattle resident card today too.

Fe and I grabbed coffees from The Mothership today (aka Nordstrom) and she asks if I'm getting anything for Sam. He's not smart enough yet to realize cookies or butterhorns are available upon whining request here so I say "No" because let's enjoy the last remaining months of him not asking or getting anything at a coffee stand.

We turn to leave, sip our coffees, and Sam's eyes water and he licks his lips. Admittedly, it was kind of sad and pathetic. But I am Mother. I am calloused (mostly) to his adorable ways.

Fe, who if I haven't been clear on this blog lives and breathes for Sam, is won over.

After much debate about what to get him, we come to an obvious conclusion: a decaf single shot baby iced latte. OBVIOUSLY. I'm sure you came to the same conclusion we came to just as you read this. It was so obvious.

He was beside himself, thrilled, it was delicious.

Of course during our time at the mall, Fe and I did a fantastic job supervising the drinking of said baby latte and did not at any point just park the stroller while we looked for a very important long necklace for her.

At some point (like I said, bang up job so I have no clue) he figured out he could blow bubbles into the cup and bubbles would come out the top. A total light bulb moment, he was thrilled, and he decimated his outfit. And I mean DECIMATED.

Fe decides that to remedy this situation he needed a new ensemble so we headed to JC Penny where the clothing is cheap and plentiful. $7.99 for a shirt and shorts? Yes please.

OH and while we were looking for an outfit, he popped the lid off the latte and was drinking it like a "big boy". He had ice in his mouth and went from a decimated outfit to "are you freaking kidding me?"

We changed him in the middle of JC Penny because why would we go to a dressing room? He's a baby. He doesn't care.

This changing resulted in him running away from us in just a diaper around the 3rd floor. I took the freaking cutest pictures of nearly naked boy on his latte clothing adventure running in the wind. Do I have them to show you? NO. Because each and everyone that I took was "eaten" by my iPhone. (Oh but Apples don't freeze!!) I watched the 5 pictures I took of running boy go into my album but are they there? NOPE. Priceless memories gone because my phone decided to have emotional problems in JCP, freeze repeatedly, and Fe wouldn't let me go back an hour later and recreate the magic. Rant over.

Instead, I have prepared for you an artist's rendering of the situation.

Except he still had shoes on. That would be disgusting otherwise.

We wrestled him into the outfit, Fe paid for the outfit with tag only (bringing the total cost of the latte to $10), and I dealt with the wild man that had taken over my son's body.

From there, he met a lovely mannequin man.

Hugged a mannequin girl.

I always say he's a kind boy. I never said he was a bright boy...
And did some immunity building by licking a giant Olaf.

That is how we do things around here. Drinking lattes. Running naked. Making out with inanimate objects.

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