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This week's photo dump is brought to you mainly by our week long demo derby visit to Chuck's Mom's house. Sam is already missing his copious amounts of fruit for breakfast (licorice), abundance of water (snow cones) and the general baby freedom that comes with being at Grandma's house. We've been home three days and he's already sick of just Mom.

It was a banner time in Sam's life this past week. He finally learned to wave. (What? He's only 15 months old. He'll get around to those milestones eventually...) He attended a cultural event at the Fairgrounds. And he learned to spray a hose at unsuspecting victims. All in all: a great week for Sam.

And here it is in pictures.
The day we left we swung by Fe's and he played his favorite game: President Roosevelt.
The joy of Grandma's house.

Loving on Auntie Shelley who became "Grandma No" over the week because she was the main rule enforcer. Someone had to.

This was his face watching Chuck with the cutting torch.

He went on a quick errand to Fred Meyer with Grandma and somehow this stuffed puppy followed him home. It's all very suspicious to me...

Spraying Grandma with the hose. Literally his favorite hobby.

Running through the yard with The Van in the back. The Van is a 1983 Vanagon that Chuck's mom has had since it's birth. It still runs and is in pristine condition. This picture is like catching Sam in happiness with your favorite Uncle watching in the back.
That cool kid driving the convertible.

Millie takes her first swim. She actually loved it.

Nan and I stepped out one night for a really light dinner at 9 pm. I have no idea why I'm gaining weight.

Obviously a snow cone machine was rented for the weekend. Why? Because Chuck's Mom told Chuck's sister to bring a side dish to the BBQ. So she brought an industrial size snow cone machine rented from a party store.

Reading the paper with Grandpa Mark.

Getting our money's worth out of this kid.

LOVES Aunt/Cousin Janelle.

Walking Millie.

And this is what coming home to your own bed in your own house after a week of vacation looks like.

And this is what blackberry addiction looks like.

The trophy is proudly on display.
"It's not going in our yard Russ. It's going in our living room."

Happy Friday!

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