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I want you to know that earlier today, whilst sitting on the ground in front of a mirror, I caught a glimpse of my right thigh. It was one of the most terrifying events of my adult life. I'm gonna really need summer to end and fall leggings to begin ASAP. Pregnancy looks a whole lot better through large sweaters and stretch pants.

BUT. No such luck.

It's still 800 degrees outside and I'm still sweating into rolls I didn't know existed. Or probably didn't exist until recently. Either way, yucky yucky.

Continuing with my summer meal fun, everything this week is a make AM, reheat PM type of meal OR at worst, just bake quickly then RUN from the kitchen.

This week's menu features some of my favorites who are so easy peasy it's ridiculous. These are perfect for those who hate to cook or have children who hate to let them cook.

Monday: Noodle Crack. Emma Lee - this is because of you. I heard the mere mention of noodle crack this morning and that's all I've thought of today. I'm going sans meat on mine tonight because I don't feel like browning any. My kitchen. My prerogative. {recipe card below}

Tuesday: Sausage Mac and Cheese = get in my baby belly. This recipe is perfection cooked in the morning and then reheated serving by serving in the evening. It's a less than 30 minute meal.

Wednesday: Taco Casserole. A friend of mine brought this over when we had Sam and we died for it. It's exactly as it sounds: tacos in casserole form. No tortillas. Just layers like a big taco lasagna. Bomb. Bomb. Bomb. {recipe card below}

Thursday: The Easiest Stir Fry You'll Ever Make.  I found this recipe roughly 37 years ago when I was in college and learning to cook. It's from an old Campbell's soup recipe book. This seems bizarre so I'll need your culinary trust here. Basically, you use a can of Golden Mushroom soup + soy sauce + garlic powder to make a really yummy, super fast creamy stir fry. It's amazing and the most time intensive part of the meal is making the rice (I don't make nearly as much as this recipe calls for). I cut my chicken in the morning and let it marinade in some extra soy sauce for the day because I'm a soy sauce junky. Aside from that, make this recipe as is and enjoy how fast it goes.

Friday: GENDER REVEAL DAY! We find out what Little Accident is on Friday so we will go to our favorite Italian restaurant to celebrate and toast to baby's health (!!!) and private parts.

Saturday: Family BBQ with my aunt in town from Portland. I think Blue Cheese Burgers are on the menu...

Happy Cooking and Meal Planning!

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