[monday meals mashup] week: it's too hot to cook or live.

I now understand what the hubs of hell feels like. I will no longer be using that phrase in jest because it is just too hurtful now. This summer is my 'nam. #neverforget.

Pregnant in Seattle this summer has been a raging good time. I remember doing the knocked up math post pregnancy test in May and thinking "Please! I'll be 21 weeks at Labor Day. This ain't no big thang to get through the summer. I'll be barely pregnant by the end."

Dear Past Susan,

You are an idiot who clearly forgot you had an 11 pound baby last time.

Current 17 week Susan (who looks at least 27 weeks pregnant)

I am dying. It is over. Call it.

Meal planning has been a hoot in a handbag this summer. Usually Seattle summers are a nice 75 with one week in the 90s. Manageable. This summer? If my house is below 75 in the wee morning hours it's a win because outside has basically been a constant 90 something since mid July. I AM DONE.

This kitchen is not suitable for cooking meals in at 5 pm. I can't think of a worse punishment.

SO, I've taken to only making dinners lately that are either crockpot meals OR can be made in the morning and reheated at dinner time. Sam naps, I cook, we all get fed without heat stroke in the evening. It's as close to win win as I can find.

Here's the week:

Monday: Lasagna. Perfect reheatable meal. Make it when the house is still bearable, eat it when the house is so hot you think this must be what death is like. {recipe card below}

Tuesday: Six Sister's Cheesy Enchiladas. I have high hopes. It's a Six Sister's recipe. It's cheese. It's gonna be bomb. I just know it.

Wednesday: Chicken Taco Chili. Ok so not exactly what you'd call a summer dish, but you know what? The crockpot can make it so fine by me. Also, it's not really a chili but I'm at a loss for what else to call it. I've made this 1,000 times. I like it with rice, sour cream and copious amounts of cheese. Really, it's a cheese and sour cream delivery system. {recipe card below}

Thursday: Broccoli Supreme. A perfect make in the morning, heat in the evening dinner. It looks terrible in the dish but tastes delicious. Trust me. Kids love this one. {recipe card below}

Friday: Beef and Noodles. Another crockpotter. Another win. Totally a simple, poor man's meal but it's "jazzable". You could add peas, mushrooms, more onions. There's a lot you can do here. Think of this as a base recipe. Build on.

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