19 weeks: place your bets

It's time to place your bets on what's between this Accident's legs.

Wasn't that a beautifully worded sentence about my child? Aren't I just the perfect picture of glowing Mom-to-be? Sometimes Chuck worries about letting this kid know it was an accident, like that implies we didn't want it. I feel like this is a badge of honor that ol' Accident is going to need to wear and own. I look at it that we didn't even know we could want you until we found out you were coming. You're a miracle. And also an accident and can thank your brother for your existence.

But I digress as usual.

To be honest and fair, I'm actually just a few days from 20 weeks but demo derby blog posting obviously took precedence over baby posting.

Sorry Baby.

I'd say "second kid syndrome" but I'm 100% sure I would have done the same thing if I was pregnant with Sam so maybe it's just "bad mom syndrome" or "my priorities are totally fine syndrome".

Wow, I am just really painting a wonderful picture of me as a mother tonight. NE-WHOO....

Officially, the baby private parts scan isn't until next Friday when I will be 20 weeks and 6 days. Chuck's Mom is coming over to see the peep show and that's what day worked best for all. Fine fine, it's been a busy past few weeks, we can wait an extra so she can cry in an ultrasound room. She will be a better show than the baby. I love her.

So...What will baby be?

Here are the answers to the standard gender related wives tales to help you make a more educated guess on this babe:

  • I'm still morning sick. Uh huh. It's so much fun, we've decided to stay together. With Sam, I was definitely what I would deem an appropriate and normal amount of morning sickness and wanting to die level. With this kid. Oh baby. I still puke at least  once a day and every time is a great time. Except not. Worst case, this will stop in January...
  • I love salty food and throw up sweets. Recent casualties to the sweets aversion: a Blizzard, Hostess cupcake, and Eggo waffle. If I can stomach eating anything sweet, it's almost certainly rejected by this baby within the hour. And let me tell you, Blizzards are not good the second time around and cupcakes burn. Write that down.
  • With Sam, I hated cheeseburgers. I could literally eat one at every meal.
  • I hated salad with Sam. I am eating at least one a day with this kid, sometimes more. I don't think I need to point out the irony or what's wrong with this picture. I am willingly and knowingly eating vegetables and it is not being done under extreme pressure (which is usually how I gag down greens). 
  • I feel my belly is wider this time than it was with Sam but I could be making that up.
  • Here's a fun one: my hair is wavy. I'm not kidding. My stick straight, thin as can be hair is wavy. It's the most bizarre symptom of all. With Sam, I left my hair long but with this baby I'm keeping it Susie length. I just had a trim and angered it. The curl is everywhere. What is this??
  • I've had two dreams where the baby is a boy and one where it's a girl.
  • The Chinese Gender calendar says BOY which is what it said with Sam too.
From where we sit, we have worked out the statistics and we feel it's about a 50-50 chance either way. I know. I hate us too.

We have no inclination or preference, really truly. It just doesn't matter to us. I thought we couldn't care less with Sam but it turns out, we can. We are aiming for healthy, because after all, that's what the 20 week scan really is all about.

So. Place your bets. What do you think? You have a week to decide. We'll let you know next Friday.

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