photo dump friday.

Happy Friday, Happy Photo Dump, Happy "Get Caught Up On Sam's Life" Day:
Mr. Pool enjoys about five minutes in the water and then usually chooses somewhere shaded to sit. I can't make him up.
Meeting a potential suitor, Harper Lennon. Ms. Harper was two weeks old here and Sam was fascinated but in more of a Lenny from Mice and Men "I'm going to squeeze the love into her" kind of way. Note the death grip on her leg. During our visit, he squeezed love into her knees and feet multiple times, patted her face with a (clean) diaper wipe, and almost completely lifted her out of the Mamaroo while (mostly) unsupervised with a new baby. Ooops.

Cleaning the pond with Dad Dad is a huge deal. There are sound effects happening.

Mozart here loves his piano. Always find him here when he's at Fe and PK's.

Attempting to wake Chuck is a fate worse than death. Chuck is the worst to wake up and needs at minimum 45 minutes for his "process". His term, not mine. This was clearly mid-process one morning and Sam had about enough of waiting.

Summer uniform. Diaper soaked from either urine or hose water - tough to tell, bowl of mangos, vacuum attachment, sandals. Pretty standard weekday get up.

Strawberry ice cream. Always.

Floor fruit: the only way cooking gets done.

Firecracker popsicles are really the only way to enjoy summer.
Pants off. Toys out. Nuun hydrating.
The timeless art of baby seduction.

Kissing Naked Baby.
TOTAL accident that I caught this because he wasn't doing the thumbs up. In fact, if I remember right, his feelings for me that day would have better been summed up in another finger.
First time at the library. Went to "Lunch Bunch" story time and lasted less than two minutes. With the help of lipstick, a purse, and breath mints, he made it a whole 14.
Best cell phone pic ever. We had the sides and back of his head shaved for just a Mohawk occasion such as this.


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  1. OH MY GAWD, he is TOO STINKIN' CUTE!!! That last picture is especially adorable!!


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