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Coming to the end of morning sickness is the most amazing break up ever. We had a long, tumultuous 14 week relationship that was 100% abusive and I am walking away. Not like I got to choose when to stand up to that jerk, but whatevs. It's over. Hallelujah.  Won't miss you a'tall.

AND this means we are back to meal planning and (mostly) meals by me. Mostly? Mostly because it's 15,000 degrees in Seattle and we are spending more time at Fe's than we should and seeing if it's possible for Sam to wear out a welcome. Doubtful for him, but I'm sure I'm pushing it. Hey - she can either have us or buy us AC. The ball is in her court.

BUT it means joint meal preparation with Fe, which is a fun summertime win. My kitchen is about 90 degrees (ok, slight hyperbole - it only gets to about 85 DOWNSTAIRS) so thank goodness for AC and parents who love you or we would be eating Irish every night (McDonalds, get it?).

Our food for the week. Since we are a little play by ear with the heat, I'm just listing it straight out. Not sure when we will eat what...but we will, and that's all that matters.

Bomb.com Blue Cheese Burgers - My favorite summer (fall, winter, and spring) meal. It doesn't matter what season. If there is a grill, these bad boys are mine. I wrote a post about them here so that's where you can find the full recipe.

The basics: well seasoned beef to hide the meat taste, caramelized red onions, and dripping with blue cheese (pasteurized blue cheese for me - obviously - wink). LOVE isn't strong enough.

BBQ Pork Spareribs - Ribs on the grill smothered in Fe's homemade BBQ sauce (recipe here). Corn on the cob, fruit salad, done and done.

Lucy Chicken - So this one is a bit of a wild card for our week. Lucy is here and she wants her favorite dinner. Not exactly what Fe and I would have picked for 90 degree summer heat but oh well. It's a crock pot chicken recipe and, obviously, very kid friendly if this five year old requests it every time she visits {recipe below}.

Flank Steak - No recipe here; it's flank steak season at the grocery store and they are always on sale. Plus they are pre-marinated so that is just another excuse to buy them. Delicious, perfect. Pretty much the only steak I will eat without making a face.

That's all we've got so far but with this heat, it's surprising we could even think past this evening. But then again, Fe is who taught me meal planning so we are sort of having a Captain Planet "Our powers combine" type week.

Yeah - Monday Meals Mashup is back (and I'm not vomiting thinking about it!).

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