just finally gave sam his birthday gift.

Look. It's only two months post birthday and he's a baby. He doesn't know squat. When he can read a calendar, I'll care about timely gift giving, until then:

Happy Birthday gift in July!

Also, Sam, this gift took your father a lot of time to build and me a lot of time spent listening about it.  Bottom line: I bore the brunt by listening to the project so you better love it.

Chuck built Sam a Busy Board.

It is the busiest of boards.

Is this not the freaking coolest thing you've ever seen and how much do you want one for yourself? Not gonna lie, this has kept me pretty busy since its completion.

Yes, Chuck did all of this himself. I mean, it is pretty amazing and ridiculous, right?

We got the idea a few years ago from a friend who posted his son's Busy Board on Facebook. Funny enough, he didn't finish it until a few months after his son's birthday so maybe that's the going rate for Busy Boards. A little help from Pinterest and then a lot of Allison Family creative vision, and we came up with the hardware and the layout.

Pretty bomb, pretty, pretty bomb.

Sam was presented with his 60 day past due birthday present over the weekend, and no surprise, it was met with extreme excitement and an abundance of baby small mouth.

He lost his mouth in a tragic baby 'nam accident. It's so sad.

A few things need to be noted. First, yes, it was an ungodly amount of one-on-one time with his router. Two, in the above picture you can see that the doors open to reveal the backing that Chuck added to the top board so they would open to something - eventually, probably pictures that we can move around.

And finally, I'd like you to imagine the amount of staining and sanding that went into this project along with the copious amounts of measuring and overthinking. Not since the ship's wheel has his anality level (that's the term for the varying degrees of Chuck's anal/obsessive behaviors) hit that high a mark.

Satisfied, happy customer. Good thing your Dad is legit, Sam. You are one lucky kid.

Obviously, only first time parents would teach their child to open a variety of locks... So we aren't the brightest but hey! We can make a cool toy.

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