15 weeks: oh my gosh, when are you due?

You know what's fun about being 15 weeks pregnant but looking six months pregnant? EVERYTHING.

I'm already reaping all the pregnancy benefits out in public but months before "normal" pregnant women do. I'm getting the loving smiles, the "go right ahead", and the sympathetic nods from passer byers before I really deserve to be getting those.

Win. Win. Win.

You other ladies have to wait until your mid-twenty weeks for this kind of notice, but I am just taking it all in well before I should.

Also fun with looking this pregnant this early is the fun bubble bursting game I get to play with strangers. It's my new favorite past time and, at 25 weeks until D-day, I've got months of game playing joy ahead of me.

Here's how everyday goes for me with a strangers:

The affectionate smile followed by "Oh, when are you due?"
Now, right away, they are expecting October or November, so I get to burst that little bubble with "Oh, January."

Next comes the horrified look and bulging eyes similar to this:

I selected this photo of Heidi Montag to illustrated the shocked face point in this post because I felt it was most likely to result in you now having a shocked face. Yes, this is the picture I chose.

I don't even wait for any sort of follow up, I just launch into this run on of a sentence to sum up my current situation "Yep, I'm only 15 weeks along; I had an 11 pound baby a year ago."

Follow up:

That's usually when I either get to walk away or (depending on how far said stranger is willing to pry) I provide one of the following answers to whichever of the three standard questions they asked:
1. No, I didn't have diabetes.
2. Yes, it was a C-section. They knew he wouldn't fit.
3. No, he was actually born a week early.

This scene is on repeat so much right now that I'm considering investing in a Talk Boy so I can both save my breath and finally act out all the scenes from Home Alone 2 with stunning accuracy.

No, the doctors have not said yet if this is a "big one" like Sam, but I will tell you that our primary OB laughs every time she sees this belly so that's probably not a good sign, right? Right.

The best camera-focus-exposure checkers ever. Also, Rudolph here had a little hit to the ego over the weekend with that ol' scraped nose: despite his assumption that he can, no he CANNOT just step off the patio like an adult.


  1. Congrats again on the new baby on the way, so exciting! Nice to see you today, my girls keep asking when we'll see you again ;)

  2. That is so awesome. I can't even say.


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