sam wins his first major award.

I think we can all agree that Sam is destined for greatness.

I mean, the face, the personality, the winning gene pool that he's pulling from (wiiiiink)....he is the total package. It was obvious from day one and it's still obvious on day 396. And yes, I just did the math to figure out how old he is (It's safe to say a post on what I do with myself all day may be in order soon...)

Well, last night - day 395 of Sam's life - he received his first major award. No, it was not a leg lamp. Also, I can't believe it actually took him this long to win an award. Maybe he's not as awesome as I make him out to be. Nope. Definitely better. (aaaah, who has first time mom syndrome still? this girl.)

Sam's first major award was for (drum roll please):

Didn't see that coming did you? What were you thinking? Most likely to melt lady baby hearts? Sweetest baby hugs in the Seattle area? #1 shoe remover - left shoe division?

Nope. BOWLING. Why? Because he was awesome at it.

Ok. Ok. So we go bowling with Chuck's work last night. Chuck has a fantastic group he works with and every few months they do fun activities with the families. Sam is sort of a mascot and why wouldn't he be(?), so we always make sure to go. Plus it's a room full of people who have grown children and no grandchildren yet so I don't exactly have to do an extensive amount of parenting at these things. I'm pretty over Sam and his dimples but he has these people snowed over.

Anywhoozy, he loved bowling night. Which is good and bad.

Good = he enjoyed a new experience. It's a loud experience and he seemed genuinely interested in the balls rolling down the lane. Great. When we bowl again in the obligatory 5 years, he won't hate it.

Bad = OBVIOUSLY, Chuck took bowling in high school, has his own shoes, ball, and bag. So basically, I have a strong reason to fear Sam is already following in these footsteps. Not that Chuck bowls often, but when he does, he looks exactly like how you are imagining. Is this the future of my angel child? Probably.

Back to the award. Sam won for funniest bowler because naturally he was hysterical as most 13 months old are. But here's the shocker: he was actually good at it.

For reals. Well not for REALZ but for reals. Get it? You will.

I didn't know this, but now they have these ramps for little kids to place the ball on and then push them down the lane. Anyone else? Bueller? K.


First time we do it, I put his hand on the ball and "together" (ie: mostly me) we push the ball and knock down 3 pins. Which is a good bowl for me. Second roll, he pushes more than me and picks up the spare. Of course he did.

So "our" turn comes up again and we get him all ready with a 12 pound ball on the ramp. He knows exactly what to do and before I can help, in a complete "I do it myself!!" toddler move, he launches that hot pink ball down the lane at an impressive rate.


He bowled a freaking strike.

For anyone keeping score, he's a lifetime clean bowler. Clean through two whole frames, but they're his only two frames so....he's clean and on his way to breaking 200 by kindergarten.

Sammy Baby. Bowling extraordinaire.


  1. Yeah, Sam! AND your appropriate choice of footwear for now 2 blog posts in a row did not go unnoticed. I just hope that Mom Jeans aren't coming next...

  2. oh that is so fun!! I think we are going to have to take Ellie bowling...thomas has his own ball and might be next!

  3. I came across your blog months ago, truly enjoy it.

    How come we never saw the big reveal of the backyard?


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