Sam and Camden do Kim and Kanye

I figured, really, why sugar coat the title or come up with some clever "these babies are bound" type header for this post. The "art" and "vision" of the piece that I'm about to show you speaks for itself.

So yesterday was sweet little Noah's first birthday party. He was given a little push motorcycle and it was adorable. A favorite of all the kids. Good job gift giver, whoever you were. Nailed it.

During said party, Sam is having his turn on the motorcycle and Emy, genius that she is, suggests a little artistic recreation of one of the most beautiful and stunning works of modern time:

Kanye's "Bound" video.
You know, the motorcycle one with what's her face on it?

We all laughed because it's a funny idea but funny ideas like that with Emy and Chuck in the room end up like this for Sam and Camden.

Let's just say both kids were totally into it, super cooperative, and there were absolutely no tears during this process. Explanations were given to the children about how art can be a struggle and you have to find your inner strength, but they were not having it.

Whatever. We still got The Shot that just needed a quick turn in Photoshop and BAM.

Kim and Kanye have nothing on these two.

Also, in other uncooperative news at Noah's party: Elsa Sam was a total bust.

I have no idea why this concept was rejected by him. [insert a Let it Go pun here.]

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