chelanigans with the ladies.

In the Chinese calendar of Susie's life, this is the year of the 30th birthdays.

My 30th? Oh no, you are so kind. That was last year. Please. I'm way beyond. See, I run with a MUCH younger crowd - a whole year younger - and this is the year they all turn 30. Misery loves company. 31 years olds love 30 year olds.

The latest victim to fall to 30 is Libby (was Libby? Is Libby? Please to discuss proper tense usage - I'm moving on.)

Libby for visual:

And we're back.

For Libby's 30th, we headed to Lake Chelan for a whole weekend to celebrate her. I say whole because this was a whole weekend without husbands and babies and work and all that drags us down. We have a lot of dead weight in our lives. Leaving it behind made us so sad (no) do things like this:

Do these or do these not perfectly display the carefree filled weekend lives of 30 year old women totally off the leash?

Nothing spells 30th birthday better than a weekend with just the girls, wine tasting, cowboy boots, and showers few and far between.

Happy Birthday, Libs.
We love you to the moon and back (and to Chelan for every birthday to come because this was

And now, the onslaught of pictures because I love these girls and they love me and they have been waiting patiently for their 5 minutes of blog fame since the moment we left Chelan. What are friends for?

Libby's 30th in too many pictures.
First, a copious amount of time at the pool.

Then off to wine tasting. Let's be real clear about something blog world. I HATE wine. You may laugh, ha ha, but no. I hate this stuff something fierce. I don't get it. It burns. It tastes gross. No I will not be "acquiring the taste" anytime soon. I acquired a taste for McDonalds coke at age 4 and I'm gonna ride that into the sunset.

But Libby loves wine (and apparently so do most adults) so we went wine tasting. Emy said I was going WHine tasting. YEP. She knows me.

I don't know what this is about but I'm assuming they were being judgy about something.

Jessica's necklace looked like those Amber teething necklaces. So this is her teething. You can take the mom from the baby, but you know...

I don't know a lot about wine tasting, but this doesn't look right.

Toasting Libby. Cheers to 30!!!

I took obligatory sips and then made faces. It's my M.O.

Then I did some EXTENSIVE water tasting.

Delicious. I liked the first water best.

These two. Since they were 4 and 5.

Impromptu maternity pics with Jessica and NOT the father, Dania 

She doesn't know what she's doing here. She's a Coors Light gal who is being polite.

She does know what she's doing here but is pregnant and on the bench. It was very sad.

This is Kristin and she's Libby's childhood friend. This is the moment when Kristin realized they were serious when they said I'd take pictures all day.

The view did not suck.

Like I said, off the leash.

And then for no reason, they wanted to take senior pictures, age 30.

On our way home, showerless and depressed to leave. Sadness looks surprisingly good on us.


  1. Oh my gosh that looks like the ultimate girls' weekend!! I'm with you on the wine, btw, I don't like most of them, I'd much prefer a champagne or other bubbly tasting. Or tequila. ;) I think the senior pics are just awesome and hilarious!

  2. I felt like I was looking at my family vacation photos from the last 2 summers! We stay at the same place and eat at the same BBQ/winery with the hula hoops...their ribs are the best I've ever had! Last summer I was the sad one who couldn't drink the wine because I was pregnant! I've never braved the slide into the pool but we'll be there in August so maybe this time I'll man up and try it! I agree that the senior photos are priceless--your pose is so natural, Susie! :)

  3. Susie, these photos are great! I had the best weekend with all you girls. xo.


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