sam's birthday party. part two.

Hokay, so last night I admitted that things got a little out of hand when decorating Sam's party. I am A-OKAY with it.

Here's what I have for you tonight (kind of like behind door number 1, if door number 1 is a birthday boy in a Dr. Seuss t-shirt): an absolute onslaught of party pics. I could tone them down. Or I could own it and share away. I choose the latter.

Happy Birthday Sammy Baby!

Shame my Mom and I look nothing alike...

THE Aunt Nan as in "I make ridiculous birthday cakes" Aunt Nan.

Baby show downs ran wild at the party.

PK photo bomb.

Cake time.

He didn't cry.
He smiled.
He didn't cake smash.
He petted it. And looked at it.

I shoved a piece of the amazing almond sour cream cake in his mouth. This is it being shoved back into my hand.
Ironically, Sam did not like his Green Eggs and Ham cake.

"Am I doing this right?"

Answer: No.
 So we removed the beautiful homemade cake and replaced it with a box mix mini cupcake.

Gently eating it.

Laughing at his new game: he pretends to want to give me a bite, then eats it at the last minute. He's a riot.

The Presents.

Our friends Maggie and Kris found a bomber jacket for Sam. Is it Fall yet?

Sometimes my friends are really helpful and take pictures for me during the party.

Two minutes later he would fall into that table and be sporting a large purple bruise/knot between his eyes. So classy.

Can you please note that at the end of his party his WHITE shirt is still clean? Who's kid is this? My black shirt had a considerable amount of frosting on the INSIDE. How does that even happen?

We came, we saw, we birthday conquered.


  1. Oh I just love these pics!! Looks like fun was had by all!! I adore the pic of all the dads with their babes!

    1. Thanks Ash!!! The boys were so awkward trying to pose for that - we are pretty sure in a decade of friendship, we've never made them pose for a pictures just them. They had no idea what to do.


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