oops, forgot to do an official 12 month post.

How long can I milk "survival mode" from birthday weekend and get away with it? Is this it? Do I get a full week or only 5 days?

Well, I realized I never did Sam's official 12 month post and since I'm all about routine and consistency (more like OCD and RTC), I need to do this. Also, these monthly posts help in any therapy cases against me in the future. Look how hard I tried. I'll just keep repeating that.

Sam, Sam, Sam, Sam.

It's been a year since you made our dreams come true.

But here's what I learned. I never knew what my dream actually was until I got to love you. You completed my life and made us the Mom and Dad we knew we were meant to be. You took your time getting here, but now that I know you - that's just your style.

You don't rush. You have patience for days.
You are thoughtful and inquisitive.
You are sweet as candy.

Basically, you are a lot of things that I am not but the good news is, you're already showing signs that you're a lot like someone else I know... Patient, curious, kind. Not exactly Susie-descriptors. Your Dad, on the other hand...

You are doing a great job at life Sam.
You really nailed your first 12 months.

A rare photo of Mom and Baby Small Mouth (this is his "thinking" face).

Sam attempting to squire a young lady about town... 

...she loved it.

Stole a cookie. Caught after hiding the whole thing in his mouth.

"huh huh huh huh" - it's my favorite Sam party trick.

Super baby.

Sam dying Easter Eggs: he gently placed the eggs in the cups, waited for the color to change, and then "ooooh'd" and "aaaah'd" when they were revealed. Who does that?

Sunny boy.

Baby tunnel. Send no gifts. Just boxes.

Hokay. Listen to this: he loves the paper shredder. This is him attempting to shred a paper back book. He was so confused as to why it wasn't working. I mean, he did everything exactly like I do (except turn it on.... silly baby....).

Post shoving a whole Peanut Butter Cup in his mouth.

And fin.
Can you believe it's been a year?


  1. I absolutely love that he is a year in, and is an expert at the "shove the whole thing in my mouth so my parents don't REALLY know that I ate it" thing! Classic.

  2. he is just the sweetest! Ellie loves Peek-a-Boo too!!



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