on my second mother's day.

Last year was an emotional Mother's Day.

Mostly because I was one week post c-section and wearing anything more than depends and a nursing bra seemed like a monumental task, but also because I was finally celebrating Mother's Day.  There was still a part of me that couldn't believe I had finally made it into The Motherhood.

And even though I'd felt like a Mom for years - you can't try for a baby for four years, "raise" 120 first graders and bring up a beautiful cat son without feeling that way - there was something to finally being Hallmark recognized as a Mom.

But just as I said in my post last year, I implore you to think of those around you who don't fit the Hallmark definition of motherhood:

-the trying to conceive mom
-the aunt mom
-the sister mom
-the hoping to adopt mom
-the mother of a baby called back to heaven mom
-the fur baby mom (sometimes those four legged babies can give you just as much grief and heart ache as a human one)

Mother's Day can be a very double edged sword.

This year was a much different Mother's Day for me. I wasn't one-week post major surgery. Chuck wasn't on 24 hour Susie watch and unable to leave the house for gifts (don't take that the wrong way - we had a seven day old last year; I didn't expect the moon). Sam is more like a real human and less of a swaddled, non-participating blob.

The boys surprised me this morning with a bevy of traditional Mother's Day gifts waiting for me when I woke up. I don't know why I'm showing you this; I'm sure you did/got/wanted similar:

Count 'em because that's actually THREE packs of nerds, a four pack of bran muffins and a can of cranberry sauce. Otherwise known as Susie Food. I am easy to shop for.

I was served bran muffin in bed, watched Secretariat on ABC Family, and Chuck did all the Sam parenting for the morning. It was heaven. I love that baby but we live a 24 hour life together and sometimes I need to "miss" him.

We spent the day in Seattle with my parents. Like a typical Seattleite, Sam has lived here a year and never been sight seeing downtown. He really needs to get out more. The banner news of the day is that Sam had his first mini-donuts at Pike Place Market. He lost his baby mind.

"Um, me-sized donuts? Yes please. Where do I sign up?"

"Mom mom, would you like some? They are delicious."

In addition to sight seeing, Sam was able to spend Mother's Day celebrating a time-honored family past time: people watching. His initiation into the art of people watching was street performers. And he LOVED it.

This is him losing his baby mind for the hula hooping guitar player.

There was a light amount of humming and baby hip shaking that went along with this. He's already a better dancer than Chuck and Me combined. Probably could have left him here for an hour and come back later to pick him up.

It really was a lovely Mother's Day - I mean that very, very much. Relaxing, fun, and everything I could have hoped for.

We even had my favorite, pizza, for dinner.


I hate that cat. Like I said earlier, sometimes being a fur parent is just as difficult as human parenting. Why does he disrespect Mother's Day dinner like this? Did he not understand this is MY dinner and for MY consumption? He's awful. We are not speaking except he's curled up next to me while I type.

Happy Mother's Day to all - whether you celebrated your Mom for all she is or for all she was; your Motherhood in present or future. I hope you had a fantastic day.

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  1. what a fun day!! Yaya for Susie for being a mama!!!!



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