[monday meals mashup] week nine


I'm not going to lie -  I am struggling this morning to cope with the loss of my weekend. And by weekend, I mean "Chuck as a co-parent days". And by co-parent, I mean sole parent of Sam because I do jack on the Saturdays and Sundays. Ok, I marginally pull my weight around here those days but I also get sleep ins, someone else to carry Biggems McBoy everywhere, and conversation with someone who is not Hoda or Kathy Lee.

I need to move on and deal with this loss. And just get on with it.

The Monday routine makes for an easy day because Sam treats the grocery store like a high school prom queen taking a convertible ride around the track. His chariot is a cart but his subjects are just as adoring. It's his moment.

Here is what we will be gathering up for the week:
We had two surprise dinners out last week so we moved two dinners into this week. I can't say I'm exactly devastated when that happens...

Monday: Fish Tacos - oh I love these. It took me a while to find a forever recipe for this, but I finally did. I married two recipes into one recipe that I would marry. Fish tacos are like Hansel in our house. They're so hot right now. [recipe card below]

Tuesday: Beef Stroganoff - hey! In 9 weeks of sharing our meal plan, this is our first repeat meal. And I'm only making it because 1. It's delicious 2. I have leftover mushrooms from last week. Sold.

Wednesday: Lasagne. I remember the first time I made lasagna. It took 100 hours, made an epic mess, and I said never again. Dear 22 year old Susie: Yeah right. You love lasagna too much, Lasagna is such a perfect comfort food. I'll make this during afternoon nap time and pop it in the oven when Chuck is on his way home. I love cooking during nap time so I don't have to bribe someone into quiet. [recipe card below]

Thursday: PW's Flank Steak. Never used this recipe before but when has the Pioneer Woman ever led me astray?

Friday: Chicken Nuggets. Recipe carry over #1.

Saturday: Oven Fried Chicken. Recipe carry over #2.

Sunday: I've decided to go to the Spaghetti Factory Sunday night. Chuck and Sam are welcome to join me or I'll go alone and sit in the trolley.

Make sure to head over to Ashley at Life on the Parsons Farm for more meal ideas.


  1. I tried out the chicken nuggets last week, and they were bomb.com!! Great recommendation, girl!

    Are you going to try the Marsala soon?????

    1. I totally forgot about the Marsala!!! Ok that just made next week's menu!

  2. Whenever I see fish tacos it brings me back to an episode of Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares. But I have had them before and they are pretty good. I'll have to try your recipe!


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