[monday meals mashup] week eight

Oops. I may (may) have forgotten to post last week's meal plan. Lies, all lies. I did not forget. I made a conscious choice. I'm so sorry. Forgive, forget, and we move on.

Yes, I did meal plan last week - the idea of not having a meal plan literally gives me the shakes - but I didn't have the energy to share it in my post-first birthday coma. PTBD (post traumatic birthday disorder). I want you to know I've finally moved on and am in a full recovery until Sam's 2nd birthday.

Meals this week.

Oh my, it's gonna be a hot one around here. Sam and I have big plans for the week that include visiting trains, first trip to the zoo, and dumping him at Fe's all day Thursday where I will be foot loose and child free and Sam will pee in a baby pool. Like I said, we have big plans for the week.

Here's what we will be eating.

Monday: Mexican Quinoa - hokay. I found this recipe last week and before I could even fully look it over, BFF Emy had swiped it from my Pinterest dinner board and made it. Perfect. It's already tried and true and delicious. At Emy's suggestion, I'll add a rotisserie chicken to mine since Chuck needs meat. He's practically skin and bones. I think we can all agree on that.

Tuesday: Steak on the grill. I'll be using this bomb.com marinade and Chuck will grill us up whichever steak is on sale at QFC. Aren't I the classiest of shoppers?

Wednesday: Chicken Nuggets but not the McDonalds kind. That's a plus or minus depending on which of my friends is reading this. I've been using this  recipe for two years now and will never look back. These are delicious, healthy, and easy peasy. Total crowd pleaser.

Thursday: Fajitas on the grill. I'm using PK's secret recipe here. It's not a secret. Put chicken boobs in a Ziploc and fill it will salsa. Let them marinade all day then grill. It was my favorite dinner as a kid - always my birthday dinner even in March. I love these fajitas.

Friday: Stove Top Chicken that's baked in an oven.... This recipe was one of the first I ever learned to make when I was in college. It's one of those recipes that is so easy you have the whole meal prepped and ready before the oven can preheat. {recipe card below}

Saturday: LUDLES! I have no idea what this recipe is supposed to be called but it's Lucy favorite and noodles are involved so it's called Ludles. This one takes a while so it's a weekend meal (or a rainy day, we ain't leaving the house weekday dinner). It's simple but it sits on the stove for 2+ hours. It's a long term commitment meal but worth it. {recipe card below}

Sunday: Oven Fried Chicken. Yes please. The old Bisquick recipe has never failed me and never failed Fe in her 40 years of making this. We make it with a oil in the pan not butter.

Hope you have a great May week full of sunshine and yummy food. Head over to Ashley at Life on the Parsons Farm to see her meal plan for the week and to Jamie at You Gotta Have Hart (she joined our link up with a great recipe for Zucchini Parmeson Crisps).



  1. Those look like some great recipes! I'm gonna have to try that stove top chicken. How easy!!!

  2. This website that has the chicken nuggets is awesome!! :) I'm definitely trolling through the recipes now!

    1. I can't believe I didn't think of that recipe sooner. Such a healthy alternative and yes, that web site is a treasure of healthy recipes!!!


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