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Throwback Thursday National Infertility Awareness Week style. We are throwing it all the way back today to when Sam was a developing embryo. Isn't he the cutest little hatching blastocyst you ever did see? He's five days developed and ready to be implanted. He was just dying to go to a good uterus home and snuggle into some uterine lining. Good news: I was so hopped up on hormonies, I was ready for him.

If you need help with this biology lesson, well lucky lucky you. Professor Chuck has you covered.

Good thing this is TBT so I can get away with reposting both of these pictures under the guise of being "cool" and "hip" - oh you kids keep me young. Today's post is such a hack job. But hey! Thanks for stopping by, I super appreciate it.

Having a photo of Sam in the embryo development stage of his life is such a win for Team Infertile. Am I right? I mean you fertile people think you are so cool with your 10 week ultrasound pictures. Please. I've been watching this baby grow since he was one of twenty or so ovarian follicles.

Second brief biology lesson: You grow follicles each month that house the maturing egg. At ovulation the follicle releases the egg for baby making purposes. Basically, in a nut shell. Or an egg shell, really.

Ok. Back to why Team Infertile is AWESOME (oxymoron but c'mon - I'm learning to be OK with the hand I was dealt).

Via ultrasounds every other day (and not the on-the-belly kind - wink wink) we measured follicles and watched them grow and grow and grow their big ol' eggs that were just waiting for the other half of their DNA to be inserted. World's best "insert here" moment. Obviously, we didn't know which follicle contained the Sam egg. I couldn't tell which one had the blue eyes that you could get lost in - you know, grainy ultrasound screen. What? I'm not a bad Mom. There were 18 of them.

Work that number through your brain if you are unfamiliar with IVF. You normal human ladies ovulate one to two eggs each month. My body was manipulated into spitting out 18. And that's not even my PR. My cycle high was 30 eggs - what, what! Actually, that's not something to be proud of. I get no medal. Quantity over quantity. My bad. I'm hyper competitive even in stimulated ovulation.

As far as baby pictures go and being overly involved in your child's development, Team Infertile all the way. We are helicopter parents before they're even fertilized. Give me some over protective credit here. I've been advocating for this kid before he had even divided once.

For 17 days of stimulation (at four shots a night - holla at'cha Miss Susie Pin Cushion) we had six ultrasounds or so - of the wand variety - to monitor the growth of the follicles. We watched over them and prayed for them and wondered if they held the beautiful miracle we hoped for.

Spoiler alert, they did. It did.

Five days after my 18 eggs were harvested - actual term, couldn't make that up if I wanted to - we saw our first photo of Sam and he was sent back to where he came from. We don't have pictures of them yet, but two sibling potentials were also put on ice that day and stored for safe keeping. Not in our freezer but a real science people type freezer. Don't worry, there's no danger of his sibling embryos being made into a margarita.

And that's the win of Team Infertile that I'll take: helicopter parents from day 1. Actually BEFORE day 1 when you think about it. So no one will be surprised when Sam is put in a bubble and on a leash, right? Right. He's a lot of time and money just running around carefree. Just sayin'.

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