photo dump friday

Hello and welcome back to Photo Dump Friday.

Is this working for you? It's working for me.
Should I tell you the truth that this is just an easy excuse for me to get all my cell phone pics onto my computer each week? Poor man's back up software.

It was a good week around here. We really made up from Sam's unhealthy eating adventure last week. This week deodorant and a rectal thermometer. My goal is to prove that really, any idiot can be a parent. And I am nailing that goal.

I finally got around to making our April chalk board.

Sam immediately got around to destroying my April chalk board. I think the only way to survive motherhood is to sometimes admit you hate them. I "hated" him for this. And for chalk hands all over the place after it. I will now be putting my designs up higher. #neverforget

I sent this to PK this week.
He raised us with a few key life principles: you can marry more money in ten minutes than you can make in a life time, saying 'don't worry dad' means he should be very worried, and leases are usually a terrible financial idea. So I sent him this. Seems like a great deal to me. After a 36 month lease, you've paid a mere $395,000 for a Hyundai that you don't own. I want this deal.

Best baby selfie ever.

We had a "you eat it, you buy it" moment at the grocery store. Nothing screams classy mom like wiping off baby slobber so the checker can scan your items.

[insert baby pole dancing joke here]

"Oh hey Dad. Let me help you with that. I have a lot of irrigation experience. I do a lot of diaper plumbing. I got this."

He's mine. ALL MINE.

He's mine. ALL MINE.

Smirking is genetic.

Sam's first Western Washington pool day. It was 68 degrees outside. Skin up. Shirts off.

They have a gardener so I'm unclear why the rigorous training regimen.
I took Sam back to my old school and may have just handed him off to some wonderful 3rd graders and let them "handle it". They were thrilled. Sam was even more.

I love staying home EVERY SINGLE DAY that I wake up. I'm so grateful for this chance. I wouldn't trade this life I have now for the world.  But I miss my friends. EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Baby shaming: Someone ate deodorant.
Mom shaming: Someone wasn't watching their baby (but in her defense, Willie Geist and Matt Lauer and Carson Daly were all looking divine on the Today Show.)

Fe put lipstick on him.
I don't think it was appreciated.

Dang it. That lease deal ended. I always miss out on great opportunities.

Do you feel the need to vomit this morning? If so, read the above question. Chuck is studying for a test to get into an MBA program. This is a sample question from the practice book. Here are two not surprising facts:
1. Chuck got this problem correct.
2. I don't even know what the problem is asking.



  1. Ok, I'm dying about this post for several reasons... 1) The picture of your dad and Sam is the cutest thing I've ever seen. 2) Because the picture of Sam at your school while kids "watch him", totally just looks like you took a tiny picture of Sam in a car seat and pasted it onto a really fuzzy picture of kids. And 3) Because David is currently taking a calculus class in college and when I see HIS homework, I honestly feel sick to my stomach and like I want to cry and hide. So weird!

  2. I am loving all of Sam's hair!! Ellie wants to come over for the next pool party. And I learning that I am extremely over protective of Ellie as I have a hard time seeing anyone other than myself watching Ellie for more than .5 seconds!!!


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