photo dump friday

We made it through another week.


It's no small feet.
He's alive. He's clean. He hasn't needed therapy yet.

So many wins as of late: He knows the remote control turns on the TV. He pretends everything is a cell phone and talks on it ("huh...uh...huh...uh"). Clearly, he is getting an award winning education with me.

And now, the good, the bad and the ugly of our week.

Don't worry, they're good for him. Organic, non-GMO. Only the absolute best for my Samuel.

CAGED BABY! We hope someday to have a free range baby but it's just not in the cards right now.

Just like the Q-tips, this is a completely organic Slurpee. It's all natural. As in naturally delicious.

Ok so maybe this was the week of not eating well.
Just like the Q-tip and the Slurpee, I promise this was very, very healthy lemonade from the neighbor girls. Also, the Styrofoam cup that he bit into is also definitely healthy, healthy, healthy. He was so embarrassed to have the cup bits dug out of his mouth in front of the cute girl across the street. So embarrassing.

This is what the bathroom looks like in the morning after I get ready. I do not make this mess. SOMEONE else does and then that SOMEONE leaves the mess for me to clean up. And we do this dance every day.

I guess this is good news that he HATED cotton candy?

But loved the paper cone. Ate a solid amount of it.

Look. Lassie found home.

Giving love to Mrs. Newman, Fe's cat. She was so lonely while Fe was away, she was willing to take hugs from Sam.

Hates cotton candy. Hates quarter kid rides in the mall. I might have to do a "soul" check with Sam.

Sam and the ladies at lunch.

OH OH! This one is reasonably healthy! This is the Apple n' Green smoothie at Jamba Juice. That should counteract the Slurpee from Sunday.

Caught him looking through his favorite book. He didn't even notice me take the picture. Just too interested in that gorilla.

AND then he stole a Girl Scout cookie. Again, non-GMO, organic, very good for the body.

Alright so if you were keeping score, this week I fed him Q-tips, Slurpees, attempted to feed him cotton candy, did feed him a paper cone, Jamba Juice and a Girl Scout cookie. Not pictured is the pizza, marshmallows, chocolate chips and 12 other Girl Scout cookies that he ate this week.
Nailing it.

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  1. Love it! I am seriously slacking in the straw sucking/drinking department.


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